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New monograph by Dr Eleonora Rosati, iCLIC Director and Associate Professor in Intellectual Property Law

Published: 28 November 2018

A new monograph by Dr Eleonora Rosati, new iCLIC Director and Associate Professor in IP Law, is currently in course of publication with Oxford University Press and is due for release in February 2019.

Copyright and the Court of Justice of the European Union focuses specifically on the role, action, and legacy of the CJEU in the field of copyright, providing an exclusive survey that covers two decades (1998–2018) of decisions in this area. The main objective is to give a sense of the direction of EU copyright, by attempting to ‘tidy up’ and rationalize existing rulings.

The book consists of three parts. The first part explores the role of the CJEU in copyright cases, extracts the key standards employed in copyright case law, explains their meaning and significance, and undertakes a novel statistical analysis aimed at mapping relations between said standards. The second part concerns CJEU action (and vision) in respect of three key areas: economic rights, exceptions and limitations, and enforcement. The final part focuses on CJEU legacy broadly intended. It tackles the effect on national copyright laws (also discussing Brexit) and the current policy discourse around EU copyright reform.

The book contains a foreword by Maciej Szpunar, First Advocate General at the CJEU , who wrote: “This extremely profound analysis by Professor Rosati of EU copyright protection and relevant CJEU decisions constitutes uncharted territory, unveiling new information, perhaps never considered, even by members of the Court like myself. Professor Rosati’s book addresses, from an original and forward-thinking perspective, some of the most complex, challenging, and pressing aspects of the EU copyright framework. I am certain that the book will contribute to an awareness of the many challenges facing copyright protection, both on the EU and global level, as well as the importance of EU law and the Court of Justice.”

Further endorsements are available here . Details about the book can be accessed here .

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