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Professor Helen Carr publishes a chapter entitled 'Exploring the Law/Bodies/Space/Regulatory Conundrum

Published: 3 March 2022
The front cover of the book.

Professor Helen Carr has contributed a chapter to an innovative edited collection, Interdisciplinarities: Research Process, Method, and the Body of Law (2022), edited by Didi Herman and Connal Parsley.

This uses a fictitious research commission to explore research processes and choices, asking in effect, why do we write what we write?

Professor Carr's chapter, Exploring the Law/Bodies/Space/Regulatory Conundrum focuses on the regulation of domestic space and suggest three possible theoretical approaches.

The first one questions the relationship between concepts things and everyday experience. The second develops an interpretive lens to understand home making and unmaking.

The final approach constructs a genealogy or architecture of how law constitutes and is constituted by particular understandings of the body.

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