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Hidden Lawmakers: the impact of intervenors’ litigation strategies on the development of Health Care Law Event

17 - 18 September 2012
Chilworth Manor, Southampton

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Event details

Health Care Law is a relatively new legal discipline that until recently has been developed significantly through litigation.

In recent years it has become apparent that the process by which cases come to be litigated may be less haphazard than at first appears. We are seeking to instigate discussion and further investigation of the role of such ‘test' cases in developing the substance of Health Care Law.

Drawing on contributions to a two day seminar in 2011, funded by the Modern Law Review , a number of different categories of hidden lawmakers have been identified. This seminar seeks to take that work further in relation to a category of hidden lawmakers that emerged from the seminar and related discussions as requiring further study and consideration. It concerns those who intervene in matters that have come before the courts, to seek to influence the outcomes of the cases. It will bring together a group of invited participants including academics, clinical and legal practitioners, members of interest groups, and participants in influential cases to discuss and debate key aspects of the litigation process, and provide a sounding board for further exploration. The seminar will involve presentations by key participants combined with round table debates and discussions, both formal and informal, amongst the delegates.

Speaker information

Ann Furedi,British Pregnancy Advisory Service,Chief Executive of bpas

Professor Jonathan Montgomery,Professor in Health Care Law

Josephine Quintavalle,Comment on Reproductive Ethics,Founder of CORE

David Lock,No.5 Chambers,QC

Professor Rachael Mulheron ,Queen Mary University of London,Professor Mulheron teaches both Torts and the Law of Medical Negligence (for the LLB) and Advanced Medical Negligence (for the LLM and MA)

Professor Laurence Lustgarten ,University of Oxford,Visiting Fellow, ELAC

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