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The University of Southampton
Southampton Law School

Southampton Law School Careers Programme Event

15 - 22 January 2018
University of Southampton

Event details

Every January the Southampton Law School organises an opportunity for our students to find out more about the array of employment opportunities available to them. Many of the speakers are alumni and come from all around the country, representing local, national and global law firms. See the 2018 Careers Programme schedule below.

Inter-semester Programme

Following the Employability week, the School facilitates a number of off-site events for our students, organised with local and national firms. These include visits to firms for negotiation exercises, application skills workshops, interview technique coaching, information on vacation schemes and training contracts (and how to get them!), sitting with judges at local and national courts and social events for staff and students.

Monday sessions

Life as a Catastrophic Injury Lawyer
An introduction to life as a lawyer dealing with claims resulting from catastrophic injuries, usually valued well in excess of £1 million. This includes the types of claims resulting from such injuries (brain injuries, spinal injuries and amputations), case management and a look ahead to the future of such claims.
Andrew Williamson, Partner, BLM

An Introduction to Alternative Careers for Law Graduates
This session is aimed at those who want to explore career options other than solicitor or barrister.  It will introduce students of the range of careers open to Law graduates, both related to Law and in other fields. Students will also gain an awareness of the skills developed through a Law degree, skills that graduate recruiters seek, see examples of destinations of recent Southampton Law graduates and know what next steps to take in their career planning.
Shauna van Den Bos, The Careers and Employability Service, University of Southampton

What makes a first class corporate lawyer
This presentation will consider not just the academic attributes required to be a successful lawyer but the importance of an understanding of the client’s business issues and the business context of any transaction together with the need to build long term relationships and to establish one’s position as a trusted advisor who clearly acts in the interest of the client.
Tony Williams, Jomati Consultants LLP

Working as a Lawyer in Government
This talk will provide an overview of the high profile and stimulating work in the Government Legal Service (GLS) and explain what it does, including our unique function of turning policy into law.
The presentation will also look at the similarities and differences between working as a government lawyer and working in private practice.  The application process for a training contract/pupillage, including the skills we look for and how you can acquire or develop them and training with the GLS.
Ben Dean, Lawyer, Government Legal Department

From Southampton Law School to making fat cats
David Tuch completed his LLB in 1980 and then qualified as an accountant at KPMG where he was a partner for 10 years and became known as one of the country's leading share scheme specialists.  David will talk through his career choices that took him to audit, then tax and then on to specialising in share incentive plans and finally advising on all aspects of Executive Compensation (or making fat cats fatter or thinner!) and will talk about the opportunities available today for (reasonably) numerate law graduates.
David Tuch, Partner, Aon Executive Compensation

Working as a barrister and solicitor in Family Law
With more solicitors conducting their own advocacy and the availability of the Public Access Scheme for the Bar, what do solicitors and barristers really do on a day to day basis? This talk will explore the roles of solicitors and barristers in the field of family law. Your questions are encouraged.
Gemma Bower, College Chambers & Aaron Bailey, Quality Solicitors Knight Polsen

Tuesday sessions

Placements, Internships and Work Experience
Your chance to find out about the work experience programmes run by your Careers & Employability Service in 20 minutes.  The presentation will look at Excel Southampton Internships, Year in Employment, Business Innovation Programme, Volunteering and where to find opportunities, followed by a Q&A session.
Rosalie Lamming, Careers & Employability Service, University of Southampton

Commercial Law at the Bank of England
This presentation will give an insight into the work of a commercial lawyer in the Bank of England.  In addition, a few words on other legal and non-legal careers in the central bank.
Gareth Davies, Senior Legal Counsel, Bank of England

Business development skills for future success as a lawyer
A light hearted and interactive presentation that will explore how you can differentiate yourselves from your peers when you start to practice law.   What makes a law firm retain a 2nd year trainee?  How do you go about standing out from the crowd?  How do you win new clients?  And how do you work a room?  These are the essential skills you need to move up the ladder.
Alan Corcoran, Partner, Shoosmiths

Know it all – effectively researching a career in Law
Matthew Broadbent publisher of LawCareers.Net looks at effective research techniques for launching a legal career. From understanding the profession as a whole to selecting and properly analysing individual organisations Matthew reveals the secrets of success.
Matthew Broadbent, LawCareers.Net

The next step in your legal career…the Legal Practice Course (LPC)
This presentation will provide you with information on what an LPC involves. Discover how the University of Law LPC will shape you into the trainee solicitor that firms are looking for.
Daniel O’Boyle, the University of Law

Working as a barrister and solicitor in Criminal Law
With more solicitors conducting their own advocacy and the availability of the Public Access Scheme for the Bar, what do solicitors and barristers really do on a day to day basis? This talk will explore the roles of solicitors and barristers in the field of criminal law. Your questions are encouraged.
Lucy Conroy, 12 College Place and David Franklin, Eric Robinson

Wednesday sessions

Private practice or in-house; which way do you go?
Working in a law firm or in-house at a company are two common career options in the law. Which one is right for you? What are the key differences? How do you make the choice? Dan's 18-year legal career to date has been split equally between in-house and private practice; he'll share his thoughts on the key factors for you to consider on choosing between these two professional routes.
Daniel Tozer, Partner, Harbottle & Lewis LLP

Practising Funds and Public International Law in the City
This session will provide an insight into Tata and Bernhard’s experience working as lawyers in the industry and the role they have played so far in their career, including some of the specific matters they worked on. The presentation will highlight the broad role of a city lawyer in two very different practice areas.  The public international lawyer’s role involves dealing with issues as varied as taxes, boundaries, environmental disputes, regulatory questions and mining controversies. The disputes angle in particular will be addressed in the energy sector. Tata will discuss his journey to becoming a qualified solicitor and working as a Funds lawyer in a US law firm.
Bernhard Maier, Associate, Squire Patton Boggs and Tata Mbako, Investment Funds Associate, Kirklans & Ellis International LLP

Non-Legal Carers in the Civil Service and life in the Fast Stream
The presentation will provide an in-depth introduction into the vast career options available across the Civil Service for Civil Service Fast Streamers during their time on the leadership development programme and beyond. The presentation will cover key areas – my journey from the Southampton Law School to the Civil Service Fast Stream, an introduction to the Fast Stream and its opportunities, and an overview of the application process.
Colin Colas, Cabinet Office (Civil Service Fast Stream)

Client Care across a Full Service Firm
We will explore how to deal with clients and explore practical case studies of common client care issues in a law firm that covers most areas of law and all types of clients from private individuals to dealing with large commercial businesses.
Claire Merritt and Trainee Solicitors, Paris Smith

The Local Government Lawyer
An overview of an alternative to traditional high street law - working as an in-house lawyer for an organisation that serves the community but has the staffing and annual budget turnover of a blue chip company, is a regional leader of enterprise, employment and development and requires legal advice and support in dozens of discreet areas of legal practice.
Sarita Riley and Richard Ivory, Southampton & Fareham Legal Services Partnership, Southampton City Council

Working as a barrister and solicitor in Civil Law
With more solicitors conducting their own advocacy and the availability of the Public Access Scheme for the Bar, what do solicitors and barristers really do on a day to day basis? This talk will explore the roles of solicitors and barristers in the field of civil law. Your questions are encouraged.
Derek Marshall, College Chambers and Torion Bowles, Warner Goodman

Thursday sessions

Real Lawyers for Real People
This presentation will give insights into a day in the life of an Irwin Mitchell Personal Legal Services lawyer and how this may differ from a Business Legal Services lawyer. Each case study will highlight the importance of different practice areas such as Personal Injury, and Family Law, to our client’s daily lives, and the range of key skills which are vital to being a successful Personal Legal Services lawyer. It will also include information on the different routes available to pursue a career in law.
Tim Bennett, Senior Associate and paralegals, Irwin Mitchell

A Career as a Trade Mark Attorney
This session is designed for those interested in exploring a career as a trade mark attorney. Trade mark attorneys assist their clients with registering trade marks and designs, and with enforcing registered and unregistered trade marks and designs against third parties. This fascinating yet little-known career option may be perfect for those interested in a legal career, but who do not want to follow the traditional route to becoming a solicitor or barrister. The session will explain the procedure for qualification, including the training and professional examinations involved, as well as giving an insight into the kind of work you could expect to do day-to-day.
Rebecca Anderson, Mewburn Ellis LLP

From Graduate to Qualified Solicitor
The session will give the students an insight into the practice of a city based law firm with both regional and overseas offices, as well as explaining the application process and structure of open days, vacation schemes and training contracts. The session will also provide useful 'hints and tips' about what graduate recruiters are looking for to make your applications stand out from the crowd and give some guidance on how to answer some common questions firms are likely to ask.
Ian Graham, Partner and Giovanni Castronovo, Associate, Trowers & Hamlin

Unlocked Graduates: A Graduate career in the Prison Service
Reoffending is a blight on the UK. Damaging, disruptive and enormously costly, it wastes potential, fractures families and communities, and costs the UK billions of pounds every year. And, to a large extent, it’s preventable.  Unlocked is a charity, established with the explicit aim of attracting high-calibre graduate talent to work in the UK prison service and inject new ideas, insights and energy into the rehabilitation of prisons: to lead subtle changes on the inside that deliver huge benefits on the outside.  Come and hear from the experiences of an Unlocked graduate undertaking a unique two-year leadership development programme aimed at training graduates to become inspirational and supportive leaders.  To find out more about Unlocked, please visit:
Leo McNally, Recruitment Officer, Unlocked Graduates

Becoming a Barrister and the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC)
This talk will help you decide whether or not a career at the Bar is for you. We will go through the BPTC, pupillage applications and beyond - discussing what skills, experiences and attributes it takes to succeed at the Bar.
Joanne Tworney, BPTC Tutor, The University of Law

Ask a Junior Barrister almost anything!
Are you considering a career at the Bar? Are you wondering what it’s really like in practice? Do you have questions you haven’t felt able to ask on a mini-pupillage? Well, this is your chance! Come along to meet junior barristers from College Chambers and hear how each of them made their way through the challenge of obtaining (and surviving!) pupillage and into early tenancy. This will be an informal session where no question is a “stupid question” – it really is your opportunity to ask a junior barrister almost anything.
Marianna Lo Conte, Nicola Bowker and Amy Oke, College Chambers

Friday sessions

Working as an in-house Lawyer
If you think that "commercial awareness" means scanning the Financial Times before an interview, this probably isn't for you. But if you have business acumen in addition to outstanding legal skills, come and find out what it means to work in-house, from two lawyers with many years of experience advising and working in companies, both large and small. You will leave knowing what commercial awareness really means, get an insight into a "day in the life" of an in-house lawyer and the differences between private practice and in-house, all helping you decide how you might like your career to progress.
Neil Brown, Managing Director, decoded:Legal and Raj Roy, General Counsel, Centrica

Studying for an LLM
This session will offer invaluable advice on why you should consider postgraduate study, the different types of courses available, what you should look for and the issues to consider before embarking upon postgraduate study.
James Davey, Professor of Contract and Commercial Law

Careers at the Law Commission
You have all read Law Commission consultation papers and reports, but have you thought about how the Commission works and how its recommendations become law? This session is an opportunity to find out about the Law Commission works and about how you could start your legal career working to reform the law as a Research Assistant.
Professor Nicholas Hopkins, The Law Commission

Working in Employment Law
There is no typical day in Employment law - that's one of the things that makes it such an interesting area of law to specialise in.  But this talk by Andrew Crudge, an Employment solicitor at Irwin Mitchell LLP, will aim to give you an insight into some of the main aspects of the role.  It will set out the issues and the challenges that can arise, so that you will be better informed as to whether Employment law would be of interest to you.
Andrew Crudge, Associate, Irwin Mitchell

An alternative to Law – A career in Policy
This session will cover Lavan’s career path from completing his LLB at Southampton Law School in 2014 to his role as a European Parliament Policy Adviser. He will describe the work of a Policy Adviser and give examples of some of the projects in which he has been involved. He will also explain how his law degree was not only an important factor in getting his job but also in the work he does every day.
Lavan Thasarathakumar, European Parliament

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