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The University of Southampton
Southampton Law School

Andrea Chen LLM (Maritime Law), 2016

Andrea Chen's Photo

I chose Southampton due to the cooperation between the University of Southampton and the Shanghai Maritime University and the reputation of the Southampton Law School, especially in Maritime Law.

The teachers of the Maritime Law are excellent. They are not only professional in the theory knowledge but also full of practical experience since many of them are successful solicitors as well.

In Southampton I have made a lot of new friends from all over the world. We have a great time together, studying as well as having fun.

Great chances are provided to develop your hobbies. There are over 300 student groups at the Student Union which definitely can fulfil your interests.

I took some employment support sessions provided by the career center. They gave me so much useful information about how to write a good CV, a cover letter as well as how to make a good interview. They will help me in future job hunting.

University life is not only for study. I joined the volleyball society this year. We have a formal and regular training every week. It is so fun to play volleyball with other team members. It has also taught me how to collaborate with others not only in sports activities, but also in future work and life. It has allowed me to conduct a healthy lifestyle as well.

What I enjoy most about my course is the challenge. Admittedly, studying law is quite hard, especially in a language different from my own native one, but I have been enjoying it. I work hard everyday. The more knowledge I acquire, the more I feel that law is interesting.

I have a part-time job in the catering department on campus. The best thing of my job is flexibility. I do not have fixed shifts. I can work when I am not too busy with my studies.

Southampton provides everything you need for your study and life, great teachers and staffs, good libraries, sports facilities, cafes and restaurant, parks, shopping centers, bars and clubs. It is a place suitable for studying.

My advice to a student starting their degree at Southampton is to browse the website of the Southampton and get all the information you need on the courses and the teaching staff before making your own decision. Reach out to Southampton students to learn about their experience of study and life in Southampton. Do not just focus on your studies, although this may be really hard. Try to enjoy the life in Southampton: you will find it is so fun!

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