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Abigail Jackson LLB Law

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One of the most important pieces of advice which was given to me was make the most of all the opportunities that arise in your time at university, as part of your course and extra-curricular. There are such a range of activities you can take part in during your time at University it is the perfect chance to try out new things and enhance yourself.

Having the opportunity to be taught, and get to know, some of the best legal minds in the country meant the chance to gain the best legal education possible.

Southampton has a brilliant reputation, as a Russell Group University, for its Law School with potential employers, I wanted to be at a University which would make my CV stand out. Southampton also provided a wide variety of module options for third year so it was easy to find subjects which interested me. The expertise of lecturers was also a major thing for me when deciding to put Southampton as my first choice University.

One of the surprising highlights of my time at Southampton was the compulsory moot we had to participate in during our first year. The thought absolutely terrified me but the adrenaline rush I got from standing and presenting a case to a legal expert was amazing. I also appreciated the fact that all first years had to take part as I know a lot of people found it to give them a massive confidence boost. Another highlight for me was the opportunity to take part in the Bar Link scheme that the Law School runs in partnership with a local barristers chambers. This gave me the chance first hand to experience what my potential future career would be like. It also meant I could speak to a practicing lawyer so I could receive advice on how best to market myself and make myself more employable.

In addition to my Law degree I took part in the Bar Link scheme and shadowed a local barrister over the course of a year, this opportunity helped my personal development by teaching me how to communicate with a wide range of people; professionals, such as barristers and judges, as well as with clients. I have also played lacrosse for the first team during my time at Southampton. I feel this has taught me important life skills such as discipline, in order to regularly attend training and matches, as well as good time management so I can balance maintain good grades throughout my degree as well as the level of commitment required to play for the first team.

The main thing I enjoy about my course is the constant intellectual challenge it provides me. Law is an evolving subject and the tutors constantly push you to think more about what you’re learning and to consider other viewpoints. Along these lines I also enjoy the opportunity for discussion during tutorials. Instead of simply finding out whether the way you have answered a question is correct, you get to hear a variety of people’s opinions on the topic, to broaden your understanding and make sure you can provide a full answer if the question is posed again.

During my time at Southampton I have taken part in open days on behalf of the Law School, I found this to be very enjoyable as I really enjoy the opportunity to inspire others in earlier stages of their legal education than me. I have also taken part in many work experience opportunities in my time at Southampton including the Bar Link scheme as well as shadowing a District Judge and other barristers. These have been invaluable experiences as, although the Law School provides your legal education, there is nothing better to establish if a career is for you than spending time with someone already in that profession and receiving advice from them.

I have really enjoyed my time at Southampton so far, it is a lovely place to study due to the beautiful environment it is set in. When looking around before coming I appreciated the fact it is a campus University, with everything you need in one place and with lots of open, green spaces. I also think the facilities provided at Southampton are brilliant. The library is an excellent place to study and the range of sources for law students to rely upon, especially having a dedicated law librarian, really makes the University stand out.

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