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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS PhD Funding Awards

The IfLS is committed to expanding the opportunities it can offer to postgraduate programmes, through interdisciplinary projects where students can be guided by supervisors from different Faculties.

The call for interdisciplinary Life Sciences PhD studentship projects commencing in 2022/23 is currently open to IfLS Members.  The deadline for submissions is 17 November 2021. 

IfLS Members are eligible to apply for IfLS Studentships funds - the  IfLS PhD Studentship 2022/23 application form and guidance is available via this link.    Please submit completed application forms to

To become an IfLS Member, please visit our IfLS Community webpage. A list of IfLS Members can be found here.

Scheme Outline: 
The IfLS has an annual allocation of funds to support PhD research students at the University of Southampton. These studentships are offered competitively across campus and are open to IfLS Members whose proposed project centres on interdisciplinary research.

The IfLS will support 50% of the costs of a full time studentship per year for three years.  Four year sponsorship will be considered on a case by case basis at the time of application.  Academics will be required to source the remainder of the funding through other external channels.  Once funding is in place, PhD students should be recruited through open competition using the model accepted by individual Faculty or Academic Unit. Students must have a degree with a minimum class of 2(1).  It is anticipated that the IfLS will support up to five half-studentships each year.

2021 Timelines:

13 October - 17 November 2021: IfLS Members to submit completed application forms to  

17 November - 20 December 2021: IfLS Committees will review applications and make awards.

31 May 2022: IfLS Members to confirm they have secured the other half of the funding.

Please direct questions to 

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