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Institute for Life Sciences

IfLS members

The strength of the Institute for Life Sciences lies in the interdisciplinary collaborative network which is made up of over 350 Members.  Colleagues listed below are IfLS Members.  

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IfLS Members: Biological Sciences

Dr Melissa Andrews Lecturer in Systems Physiology, Principal Investigator Neuroregeneration
Prof John Chad Professor of Neuroscience, Principal Investigator (Neuronal signalling) 
Dr Mark Chapman Associate Professor in Ecology and Evolution
Dr Claire Clarkin Associate Professor in Developmental and Skeletal Biology
Prof Max Crispin Professor of Glycobiology
Dr Katrin Deinhardt Lecturer in Neuroscience, Principal Investigator Cellular Neurobiology
Prof Patrick Doncaster Professor of Ecology, Principal Investigator Population Ecology
Dr Declan Doyle       Senior Teaching Fellow in Molecular mechanisms and molecular medicine
Dr Marc Dumont Lecturer in Environmental Microbiology, Principal Investigator Environmental Microbiology
Dr Salah Elias Lecturer in Epithelial Cell Biology, Principal Investigator: Mammary Stem Cell Biology & Breast Cancer
Dr Rob Ewing Associate Professor in Proteomics and Systems Biology, Principal Investigator in molecular interaction networks in cancer and development
Prof Keith Fox Professor of Biochemistry, Principal Investigator Nucleic Acids
Dr Diego Gomez-Nicola                    Associate Professor, Principal Investigator in Neuroimmunology
Dr Neil Gostling Senior Teaching Fellow
Prof Lindy Holden-Dye Head of School, Chair in Neuroscience, Principal Investigator (Neuropharmacology & Physiology)
Prof Bill Keevil Chair in Environmental Healthcare, Principal Investigator (Microbiology & environmental health), Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit
Dr Lex Kraaijeveld Principal Teaching Fellow in Ecology and Evolution
Dr Alan Marchant Director of Programmes, Senior Teaching Fellow in Molecular Plant Sciences
Prof Amrit Mudher Associate Professor in Neurosciences, Principal Investigator Neurodegenerative diseases
Dr Rebecca Morris Associate Professor in Ecology
Dr Franklin Nobrega Lecturer in Microbiology, Principal Investigator Microbiology
Prof Vincent O'Connor      Professor of Neurochemistry, Principal Investigator Synaptic transmission & signalling
Dr Kelvin Peh Lecturer in Conservation Science, Principal Investigator Conservation Ecology and Ecosystem Services
Prof Hugh Perry Emeritus Professor of Experimental Neuropathology
Prof Guy Poppy Chief Scientific Adviser to the Food Standards Agency (UK Govt), Professor of Ecology, Principal Investigator Insect/plant interactions
Dr Nicole Prior Lecturer of Stem Cell Biology, Principal Investigator (Liver development and organoid systems)
Dr Marcin Przewloka Lecturer in Systems Biology, Principal Investigator Chromosome Biology
Dr Owen Rackham Associate Professor of Systems Biology
Dr Hannah Siddle Lecturer in Molecular Immunology
Prof Paul Skipp Head of Proteomics, Centre for Proteomic Research
Dr Jo Slater-Jeffries Operations Director – National Biofilms Innovation Centre
Prof Peter J Smith Director, Institute for Life Sciences, Professor of Life Sciences
Prof Jessica Teeling Professor of Experimental Neuroimmunology, Principal Investigator Neuroimmunology
Prof Matthew Terry Deputy Head of school (Research & Enterprise), Professor of Molecular Plant Biology
Dr Ivo Tews Lecturer in Structural Biology, Principal Investigator Protein-Protein and Protein-Ligand Interactions
Dr David Tumbarello Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Principal Investigator Membrane trafficking and cell signalling
Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero                                Lecturer in Neuroscience, Principal Investigator Neuroscience
Dr Yihua Wang Lecturer in Biomedical Sciences, Principal Investigator (cell signalling)
Prof Jeremy Webb Professor of Microbiology, Co-Director & Principal Investigator National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC)
Dr Joern Werner Reader in Structural Biology, Principal Investigator (Protein-ligand interactions)
Dr Herman Wijnen Principal Investigator (Biological Timing)
Dr Sandra Wilks Director of Programmes Health (PGT programmes), Lecturer in Medical Microbiology,Principal Investigator (Microbiology & Health Sciences), Assistant Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit
Dr Lorraine Williams Associate Professor in Plant Biology, Principal Investigator (Role of membrane transporters in nutrition, stress and signalling)
Dr Phil Williamson Associate Professor, Principal Investigator (Structural biology and biological membranes)

IfLS Members: Chemistry

Prof Phil Bartlett  Professor of Electrochemistry 
Dr Matthias Baud Lecturer in Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Prof Simon Coles Professor of Structural Chemistry, Director, UK National Crystallography Service
Dr Guy Denuault Associate Professor in Electrochemistry
Prof Jonathan Essex Professor of Computational Systems Chemistry
Prof Jeremy Frey Professor of Physical Chemistry
Prof Steve Goldup Professor of Chemistry and Royal Society Wolfson Fellow
Dr Seung Seo Lee Lecturer in Chemical Biology
Prof Malcolm Levitt Professor of Physical Chemistry
Prof Bruno Linclau Professor of Organic Chemistry
Prof Sumeet Mahajan Professor of Molecular Biophotonics & Imaging
Dr Iris Nandhakumar Merck Lecturer in Materials Science
Dr Giuseppe Pileio Associate Professor in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
Prof Chris Skylaris Professor of Computational Chemistry
Dr Eugen Stulz Associate Professor in Bio-organic and Materials Chemistry
Prof Ali Tavassoli Professor of Chemical Biology
Dr Samuel Thompson Lecturer in Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry
Prof Marcel Utz Professor of Magnetic Resonance

IfLS Members: Electronics and Computer Science

Dr Indu Bodala Lecturer in Computer Science
Prof Michael Boniface Director of the IT Innovation Centre, Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Markus Brede Associate Professor in Computer Science
Prof Adriane Chapman Associate Professor of Computer Science
Dr Jagmohan Chauhan Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Srinandan Dasmahapatra Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Maurits de Planque Associate Professor at the Life Sciences Interface of Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Xu Fang Lecturer, Electronics and Computer Science
Prof Chris Freeman Professor of Applied Control within Electronics and Computer Science
Professor Dame Wendy Hall Regius Professor of Computer Science, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Engagement), and Executive Director of the Web Science Institute
Dr Andrew Hamilton Associate Professor
Prof Koushik Maharatna Chair in Signal Processing Systems Design
Prof Hywel Morgan Professor of Bioelectronics, Deputy Director of the Institute for Life Sciences
Prof Mahesan Niranjan Electronics and Computer Science
Prof Adam Prugel-Bennett Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Thanassis Tiropanis Associate professor with the Web and Internet Science Group
Dr Russel Torah Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Dan Spencer Electronics and Computer Science
Dr Richard Watson Electronics and Computer Science
Prof Neil White Electronics and Computer Science, Director of the Centre for Health Technologies
Dr Kai Yang Principal Research Fellow in Electronics and Computer Science

IfLS Members: Engineeering

Prof Anna Barney Professor of Biomedical Acoustic Engineering  
Dr Steven Bell Associate Professor in Audiology within Engineering and Physical Sciences
Dr Stefan Bleeck Professor of Hearing Science and Technology 
Dr Thomas Blumensath Associate Professor, Engineer and mathematician
Prof Neil Bressloff Professor of Biomedical Engineering & Design
Prof Martin Browne Professor of Applied Biomaterials
Prof Nicole Campbell Professorial Fellow (Enterprise) / Principal Audiological Scientist, based at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service (USAIS)
Dr Andy Chipperfield Lecturer within Engineering and Physical Sciences
Dr Richard Cook New Frontiers fellow within the National Centre for Advanced Tribology
Prof Simon Cox Professor of Computational Methods
Prof Andy Cruden Professor of Energy Technology within Engineering and the Environment
Dr Alex Dickinson Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) Research Fellow, Lecturer in the Bioengineering Science Research Group
Dr Alexander Forrester Senior Lecturer in Computational Engineering
Prof Bharathram Ganapathisubramani Professor of Experimental Fluid Mechanics
Prof Markus Heller Professor of Biomechanics
Prof Martyn Hill Professor of Electromechanical Systems
Dr Ondrej Hovorka Lecturer in Computational Modelling
Prof Liudi Jiang Professor of Materials and Electromechanical Systems
Dr Orestis Katsamenis Material Scientist.  Senior Research Fellow and beamline scientist at the μ-VIS X-ray Imaging Centre
Dr Georges Limbert Associate Professor in Mathematical Modelling in Biotribology
Prof Robert Nicholls Professor of Coastal Engineering
Dr Xize Niu Associate Professor within Engineering and Physical Sciences
Prof Tomas Polcar Professor of Materials Science and Tribology
Dr Carlos Ponce De Leon Albarran Senior Lecturer, Energy Technology Group
Prof Tiina Roose Professor of Biological and Environmental Modelling
Dr Emiliano Rustighi Associate Professor in the Dynamics Group within the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
Dr Philipp Schneider Associate Professor within Engineering and Physical Sciences
Dr Bram Sengers Associate Professor in Bioengineering
Prof John Shrimpton Professor, Head of Aerodynamics & Flight Mechanics Group
Prof Dave Simpson Professor of Biomedical Signal Processing
Prof Ian Sinclair Professor of Materials Engineering
Dr Martin Stolz Lecturer in Orthopaedic Tribology
Prof Carl Verschuur Professorial Fellow (Enterprise), Director of University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service
Prof Ian Williams Professor of Applied Environmental Science
Prof Xunli Zhang Professor of Bioengineering and Microsystems

IfLS Members: Health Sciences

Prof Jo Adams   Visiting Professor of Musculoskeletal Health
Prof Dan Bader Professor of Bioengineering and Tissue Health
Prof Cathy Bowen Professor in Podiatry
Prof Jackie Bridges Professor of Older People’s Care
Dr Lindsey Cherry NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Podiatric Rheumatology
Dr Rachel Dadswell Principle Teaching Fellow, Occupational Therapy
Dr Anne-Sophie Darlington Associate Professor in Health Psychology
Dr Maggie Donovan-Hall Associate Professor within Health Sciences
Prof Mandy Fader Head of School, Health Sciences, Professor of Continence Technology
Prof Claire Foster Professor of Psychosocial Oncology, Director of Macmillan Survivorship Research Group,
Dr Chris Franks Lecturer in Life Sciences
Dr Lucy Gates Senior Research Fellow Arthritis Research UK Centre for Sport, Exercise and Osteoarthritis
Dr James Gavin Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Dr Richard Guerrero-Luduena Senior Research Fellow at the School of Health Sciences and at the NHS Wessex Academic Health Science Network
Dr Ann-Marie Hughes Associate Professor, Faculty of Health Sciences, Visiting Research Fellowship Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering
Dr Dorit Kunkel Senior Research Fellow with a specialty in neurological rehabilitation
Dr Carlos Lamas Fernandez Research Fellow in Operational Research / Advanced Analytics
Prof Sue Latter Professor of Health Services Research
Prof Bashir Lwaleed Professor of Experimental Pathology
Dr Catherine Matheson-Monnet Senior Research Fellow
Dr Cheryl Metcalf Principal Enterprise Fellow within Health Sciences
Dr Jackie Prieto Associate Professor, Health Sciences, University of Southampton and a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Infection Prevention at University Hospital Southampton NHS Trust
Prof Alison Richardson Clinical Professor in Cancer Nursing and End of Life Care
Dr Euan Sadler Associate Clinical Professor of Older People and Frailty
Prof Maria Stokes Professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Dr Ruth Turk Lecturer in Physiotherapy in Health Sciences, with a special interest in neurological rehabilitation
Dr Martin Warner Senior Research Fellow in Musculoskeletal Biomechanics
Dr Lindsay Welch Lecturer Adult Nursing, Researcher Long Term Conditions
Dr Sandra Wilks Director of Programmes Health (PGT programmes), Lecturer in Medical Microbiology,Principal Investigator (Microbiology & Health Sciences), Assistant Director of the Environmental Healthcare Unit
Dr Peter Worsley Lecturer within Health Sciences


IfLS Members: Geography

Prof Steve Darby Professor in Physical Geography
Prof John Dearing Professor in Physical Geography 
Prof Mary Edwards Professor in Physical Geography
Prof Felix Eigenbrod Principal Investigator (Spatial Ecology)
Dr Malcolm Hudson Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences
Dr Shengjie Lai Senior Research Fellow with interests in human mobility, environmental changes, and infectious disease dynamics over space and time
Dr Sandra Nogue-Bosch Lecturer in Palaeoenvironmental Science
Dr Patrick Osborne Reader in Applied Ecology
Dr Marije Schaafsma Lecturer in the School of Geography and Environmental Science
Dr Peter Shaw Associate Professor in International Centre for Environmental Science
Dr Jake Snaddon Lecturer in Environmental Science
Dr Emma Tompkins Professor of Geography, Environment and Development

IfLS Members: Mathematical Sciences

Dr Selin Damla Ahipasaoglu Associate Professor in Operational Research
Prof Dankmar Bohning Professor of Statistics
Prof Jacek Brodzki Professor of Pure Mathematics
Prof Christine Currie Professor of Operational Research
Prof Giampaolo D'Alessandro Professor of Mathematical Physics
Dr Philip Greulich Lecturer within Mathematical Sciences 
Prof Rebecca Hoyle Professor of Applied Mathematics
Prof Ben MacArthur Professor in Mathematics at the Life Science Interface, Schools of Mathematics and Medicine
Dr Helen Ogden Lecturer in Statistics
Dr Giles Richardson Reader in Applied Mathematics
Dr Ruben Sanchez-Garcia Associate Professor of Pure and Applied Mathematics
Dr Chieh-Hsi Wu Lecturer in Statistics
Dr Alain Zemkoho Associate Professor in Operational Research



IfLS Members: Medicine Cancer Sciences

Prof Aymen Al-Shamkhani  Professor in Immunology 
Prof James Batchelor Professorial Fellow of Clinical Informatics and Healthcare Innovation 
Dr Jeremy Blaydes Reader in Cancer Cell Biology
Prof Mark Cragg Professor of Experimental Cancer Research
Prof Ramsey Cutress Professor of Breast Surgery
Prof Diana Eccles Dean of Medicine, Professor of Cancer Genetics
Dr Tim Fenton Associate Professor in Cancer Biology
Dr Francesco Forconi Associate Professor in Haematological Oncology, Honorary Consultant in Haematology
Dr Jane Gibson Lecturer in Cancer Bioinformatics and Genomics
Dr Edd James Associate Professor in Cancer Immunology
Prof Peter Johnson Professor of Medical Oncology
Prof Anneke Lucassen Professor of Clinical Genetics, Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Wessex Clinical Genetics Service,Clinical Ethics and Law Unit
Dr Kate Lyle Senior Research Fellow in the Clinical Ethics and Law (CELS) research group
Prof Raimund Ober Professor of Imaging and Biomedical Engineering
Prof Graham Packham Professor of Molecular Oncology
Mr David Rew Consultant General Surgeon, Honorary Senior Lecturer in Surgery
Dr Ali Roghanian Lecturer, Cancer Immunotherapy Researcher
Dr Matthew Rose-Zerilli Senior Research Fellow in Cancer Evolution
Dr Andy Steele Associate Professor within Medicine
Prof Gareth Thomas Professor of Experimental Pathology, Consultant in Histopathology
Prof Tim Underwood Professor of Gastrointestinal Surgery
Dr Ganesh Vigneswaran NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Interventional Radiology
Prof Sally Ward Professor of Molecular Immunology and Director of Translational Immunology
Dr Jonathan West Research Fellow



IfLS Members: Medicine Clinical & Experimental Sciences


Dr Jay Amin Associate Professor in Psychiatry of Older Age
Dr Michael Ardern-Jones  Associate Professor , Consultant Dermatologist
Prof Syed Hasan Arshad Professor of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
Prof David Baldwin Professor of Psychiatry
Prof Delphine Boche Professor of Neuroimmunopathology
Prof Roxana Carare Professor of Clinical Neuroanatomy
Prof Sam Chamberlain Professor of Psychiatry
Prof Myron Christodoulides Professor of Microbiology
Prof Ian Clarke Professor of Molecular Microbiology/Virology
Dr Stuart Clarke Associate Professor and Honorary Consultant in Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Dr Jane Collins Senior Lecturer in Molecular Cell Biology
Angela Cree Senior Research Manager Vision Sciences
Prof Donna Davies Professor of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology
Prof Ratko Djukanovic Professor of Medicine, Director of the Southampton NIHR Respiratory Biomedical Research Unit,Director of the NIHR Southampton Centre for Biomedical Research
Prof Christopher Edwards Consultant Rheumatologist and Honorary Chair of Clinical Rheumatology, University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust within Medicine at the University of Southampton
Prof Paul Elkington Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Prof Saul Faust Professor of Paediatric Immunology and Infectious Diseases, Director, Southampton NIHR Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility
Prof Martin Feelisch Professor of Experimental Medicine and Integrative Biology
Dr Ian Galea Associate Professor in Experimental Neurology
Dr Hans Michael Haitchi Associate Professor in Respiratory Medicine & Clinician Scientist, NHS Honorary Consultant Physician
Prof Eugene Healy Professor of Dermatology/Honorary Consultant Dermatologist
Dr Judith Holloway Associate Professor within Medicine
Prof Clive Holmes Professor of Biological Psychiatry
Dr Ruihua Hou Associate Professor in Psychiatry
Dr Christine Jones Associate Professor in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology , Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Infectious Diseases and Immunology
Dr Mark G Jones Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine
Prof Colin Kennedy Professor in Neurology and Paediatrics, Consultant and Clinical Lead in Paediatric Neurology
Prof Salim Khakoo Professor of Hepatology, Associate Dean Enterprise, Director of Biomedical Research (Institute for Life Sciences)
Prof Chris Kipps Neurologist and honorary senior clinical lecturer
Dr Jorn Lakowski Senior Research Fellow in Vision Science
Prof Andrew Lotery Professor of Ophthalmology
Dr Matthew Loxham BBSRC Future Leader Fellow in Respiratory Biology and Air Pollution Toxicology 
Prof Jane Lucas Professor of Paediatric Respiratory Medicine, Honorary Consultant Paediatric Respiratory Medicine
Dr Salah Mansour Principal Research Fellow
Dr Christopher McCormick Associate Professor of Molecular Virology
Dr Tracey Newman Associate Professor in Clinical Neurosciences
Prof James Nicoll Professor of Neuropathology
Dr Sylvia Pender Associate Professor in Mucosal Immunology
Dr Marta Polak Wellcome Trust Research Fellow
Prof Tony Postle Professor in Developmental Biochemistry
Dr Arjuna Ratnayaka Lecturer in Vision Sciences
Prof Robert Read Head of Clinical and Experimental Sciences, Professor of Infectious Diseases,Honorary Consultant Physician to Southampton University Hospitals
Dr Tilman Sanchez Elsner Associate Professor in Biomedical Sciences
Dr Emily Swindle Associate Professor in Pharmacology
Dr Liku Tezera Senior Research Fellow
Dr Brigitte Vollmer Associate Professor of Neonatal and Paediatric Neurology, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric Neurology
Dr Andrew Walls Reader in Immunopharmacology
Prof Thomas Wilkinson Professor of Respiratory Medicine and Honorary NHS Consultant Physician
Dr Sandrine Willaime-Morawek  Associate Professor in Stem cells and Neurobiology

IfLS Members: Medicine Human Development & Health

Prof Diana Baralle Professor of Genomic Medicine and Consultant in Clinical Genetics 
Prof Mary Barker Professor of Psychology and Behavioural Science
Dr Cornelia Blume  
Dr Felino Cagampang Associate Professor in Integrative Physiology 
Prof Philip Calder  Professor of Nutritional Immunology 
Prof Ying Cheong Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Honorary Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Surgery, Clinical Director, Complete Fertility Centre, Southampton 
Dr Caroline Childs Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences
Dr Jane Cleal Lecturer in Epigenetics 
Prof Andrew Collins Professor of Genetic Epidemiology and Bioinformatics
Prof Cyrus Cooper Director of the MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology Unit, Vice Dean,Professor of Rheumatology, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist
Prof Nick Curzen Chair of Interventional Cardiology, Consultant Cardiiologist
Dr Jon Dawson EPSRC Research Fellow
Dr Andrew Douglas Clinical Lecturer in Genetic Medicine
Dr Judith Eckert Associate Professor in Early Development
Dr Nicola Englyst Associate Professor
Prof Sarah Ennis Professor of Genomics
Dr Nick Evans Associate Professor in Bioengineering
Dr Nicholas Fuggle Dunhill Clinical Research Fellow, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute, Rheumatology registrar
Prof Keith Godfrey Professor of Epidemiology and Human Development
Dr Lucy Green Associate Professor in Developmental Physiology
Prof Nicholas Harvey Professor of Rheumatology and Clinical Epidemiology, Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist
Prof John Holloway Professor of Allergy and Respiratory Genetics
Dr Franchesca Houghton Associate Professor in Stem Cells and Developmental Biology
Dr Janos Kanczler  
Dr Rohan Lewis Professor of Placental and Integrative Physiology
Prof Ben MacArthur Associate Professor in Mathematics in the Life Sciences
Prof Deborah Mackay Professor of Medical Epigenetics
Prof Richard Oreffo Professor of Musculoskeletal Science, Director; Centre for Human Development, Stem Cells and Regeneration
Dr Reuben J. Pengelly Lecturer in Computational Genetics
Dr Kirsten Poore Lecturer in Physiology, Module Lead (Endocrinology and the Life Cycle)
Prof Graham Roberts Professor and Honorary Consultant Paediatrician in Paediatric Allergy and Respiratory Medicine
Dr Jaswinder Sethi Principal Research Fellow in Immunometabolism, Welcome Trust Career Re-entry Fellow, Honorary NHS-Trust Research Fellow
Prof Jonathan Swann Professor of Metabolism
Dr Sofia Strommer Senior Lecturer, Engaging Adolescents in Changing Behaviour (EACH-B) Scientific Programme Manager
Dr Rahul Tare Lecturer - Musculoskeletal Science and Bioengineering
Prof I Karen Temple Professor of Medical Genetics, Honorary Consultant in Clinical Genetics, Co-lead of the Wessex Genome Medicine Centre
Dr Igor Vorechovsky Principal Research Fellow
Dr Zoe Walters Lecturer in Translational Epigenomics
Dr Kate Ward Associate Professor at MRC Lifecourse Epidemiology
Dr Gabrielle Wheway Lecturer in Functional Genomics

IfLS Members: Medicine Primary Care & Population Sciences

Mr Somani Bhaskar  Consultant Urological Surgeon, Honorary Senior Lecturer
Prof Nick Francis Professor of Primary Care Research
Dr Mark Lown Clinical Lecturer
Prof Nuala McGrath  Professor of Epidemiology and Sexual Health 
Prof Michal Moore Professor of Primary Health Care Research
Dr Ingrid Muller Health Psychologist and Lecturer
Prof Paul Roderick Professor of Public Health

IfLS Members: Medicine NETSCC

Dr Katie Meadmore Senior Research Fellow in Research on Research, NETSCC

IfLS Members: Ocean and Earth Science

Prof Tom Bibby Professor of Biological Oceanography 
Dr Cecilia D'Angelo Lecturer in Marine Biology
Dr Tom Ezard Associate Professor in Evolutionary Ecology
Prof Gavin Foster Professor of Isotope Geochemistry
Dr Jasmin Godbold Associate Professor in Marine Ecology
Dr Phil Goodwin Associate Professor in Earth System Dynamics
Dr Ivan Haigh Associate Professor in Coastal Oceanography
Prof Christopher Hauton Professor of Marine Ecophysiology
Dr Anna Hickman Lecturer within Ocean and Earth Science
Dr Gordon Inglis Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow within Ocean and Earth Science
Dr Phyllis Lam Associate Professor in Microbial Biogeochemistry
Dr Cathy Lucas Associate Professor in Marine Biology
Dr Juerg Matter Associate Professor in Geoengineering
Prof Rachel Mills Visiting Professor
Prof Timothy Minshull Professor, Ocean and Earth Science
Prof Mark Moore Professor of Oceanography
Prof Martin Palmer Professor of Geochemistry
Dr Marc Rius Lecturer within Ocean and Earth Science
Prof Martin Solan Professor in Marine Ecology
Prof Damon Teagle Professor of Geochemistry
Dr Clive Trueman Associate Professor in Marine Ecology
Prof Joerg Wiedenmann Professor of Biological Oceanography, Head of the Coral Reef Laboratory

IfLS Members: Physics

Dr Diego Altamirano Principal Research Fellow at the Astronomy Group, School of Physics and Astronomy
Prof Malgosia Kaczmarek  Professor of Physics  
Prof Antonios Kanaras Professor at the School of Physics and Astronomy
Prof Otto Muskens Professor of Physics
Prof Francesco Shankar Professor of Astrophysics

IfLS Members: Psychology

Dr Heather Armstrong Lecturer in Sexual Health
Dr Katherine Bradbury Senior Research Fellow in Health Psychology 
Dr Valerie Brandt Lecturer in Psychology 
Dr Samuele Cortese Clinical Associate Professor
Dr Lyn Ellett Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Prof Matt Garner Professor of Psychology & Affective Neuroscience, Head of Psychology
Dr Steven Glautier Associate Professor within Psychology
Dr Hayward Godwin Lecturer within Psychology - Human Visual Cognition
Dr Dennis Golm Lecturer in Psychology
Prof Cynthia Graham Professor in Sexual and Reproductive Health
Dr Kate Greenwell Research Fellow within Psychology
Dr Nicholas Kelley Assistant Professor of Social Psychology
Dr Jana Kreppner Associate Professor in Developmental Psychopathology
Dr Peter Lawrence Lecturer in Clinical Psychology
Dr Margo Ononaiye Senior Lecturer, Clinical Director
Dr Katherine Newman-Taylor Associate Professor and Programme Director for PG Dip and PG Cert in CBT
Dr Emma Palmer-Cooper Lecturer in Psychology
Dr Thomas Richardson Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology
Dr Katy Sivyer Research Fellow within the Centre for Clinical and Community Applications of Health Psychology
Prof Tim Wildschut Professor of Social and Personality Psychology
Dr Yuning Zhang Lecturer in Psychology

IfLS Members: Zepler

Dr Bill Brocklesby  Associate Professor at the Optoelectronics Research Centre  
Prof Rob Eason Professor at the Optoelectronics Research Centre  
Dr Tracy Melvin Member of Optical Biosensors & Biophotonics
Dr Katrina Morgan Research Fellow
Prof Francesco Poletti Member of Compound Glass and Fibres
Prof Themis Prodromakis Professor of Nanotechnology and Head of the Electronic Materials and Devices Research Group in the Zepler Institute
Prof David Richardson Deputy Director of the Optoelectronics Research Centre
Dr Dave Rowe Senior Research Fellow, Mid-Infrared Silicon Photonics Group
Dr Collin Sones Optoelectronics Research Centre
Prof James Wilkinson Head of Integrated Photonic Devices
Dr Ioannis Zeimpekis Senior Research Fellow at the Optoelectronics Research Centre
Prof Nikolay Zheludev Head of Nanophotonics & Metamaterials

IfLS Members: Economic Social & Political Sciences

Prof Jakub Bijak Joint Head of Social Statistics and Demography, Professor of Statistical Demography
Dr Antonella Ianni Associate Professor in Economics
Dr Ingi Iusmen Lecturer in Governance and Policy
Dr Manos Mentzakis Associate Professor in Economics
Dr Heini Vaisanen Lecturer in Social Statistics and Demography

IfLS Members: Southampton Business School

Dr Edilson Arruda Lecturer in Business Analytics / Management Science
Prof Sally Brailsford  Professor of Management Science
Mike Hepburn Head of the Centre for Healthcare Analytics
Dr Martin Kunc Head of Department of Decision Analytics and Risk, Professor of Business Analytics/Management Science
Dr Libo Li Lecturer in Business Analytics
Prof Stephan Onggo Professor of Business Analytics

IfLS Members: Southampton Education School


Dr Kath Woods-Townsend LifeLab Programme Manager

IfLS Members: Arts and Humanities

Dr Valentina Cardo Associate Professor of Politics and Identity, Director of Internationalisation
Prof Anne Curry Professor of Medieval History
Dr Elselijn Kingma Associate Professor in Philosophy  
Prof Alistair Pike Professor and Head of Archaeology Department 
Dr Kai Yang Associate Professor of Textiles Design and Innovation
Dr Sonia Zakrzewski Associate Professor of Archaeology
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