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The University of Southampton
Institute for Life Sciences

Current postgraduate projects

The IfLS has run a sponsored PhD programme since 2012/13.  Funding is offered in open competition to interdisciplinary research teams based at Southampton and high-quality projects are selected.  IfLS-sponsored interdisciplinary projects, students and supervisors are set out below.

Institute for Life Sciences funded PhD Students 2018/19

 Exploring the dynamic contribution of asymmetric cell divisions to the identity and function of mammary stem cells using genetic lineage tracing in vivo and mathematical modelling

Dr Salah Elias (FELS), Dr Philip Greulich (FSS), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS)  Camilla  Nightingale
 Integration of health informatics: ‘big data’ for clinical translation in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease Prof Sarah Ennis (FM), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS), Dr Enrico Mossotto (FM), Prof Mark Beattie (UHS)  Imogen Stafford
  Protein NMR On A Chip Dr Joern Werner (FELS), Prof Marcel Utz (FEPS) Marek Plata
 Identifying complex genetic oscillators from single cell data Dr Reuben Sanchez-Garcia (FSS), Prof Ben MacArthur (FSS) Michael Casey
Plant-Microbe interactions in a changing climate Dr Bjorn Robroek (FELS), Prof Pete Langdon(FELS), Prof Paul Hughes (FELS) Magdalena Steele
 Recovery of neuronal function and memory in a mouse model of hemorrhagic stroke and first steps in translation of findings from mouse to human. Dr Mariana Vargas-Caballero (FELS), Dr Ian Galea (FM), Diederik Bulters (UHS) Hannah Warming
How does autophagy regulate the development of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF)? Dr Yihua Wang (FELS), Prof Donna Davies (FM), Dr Rob Ewing (FELS), Dr Mark Glynne Jones (FM) Yilu Zhou

Institute for Life Sciences funded PhD Students 2017/18

Development and application of powerful methods for identifying selective sweeps in human and chicken genomes  Prof Andrew Collins (FM), Prof Tim Sluckin (FSS), Dr Reuben Pengelly (FM), Prof Sarah Ennis (FM)  Clare Horscroft 
Modulating mechanobiology and blood supply to improve bone strength in Paget’s disease. Dr Claire Clarkin (FELS), Dr Bram Sengers (FEPS), Dr Philipp Schneider (FEPS)  Alisha Sharma
Digital histopathology resource for image-based diagnosis Dr Philipp Schneider (FEPS), Dr Peter Lackie (FM), Dr Jane Warner (FM), Dr Katsamenis, Dr Mark Jones, Prof Ian Sinclair (FEPS)  Elaine Ho
Physician and Surgeon Down A Tube: Advanced Optical Fibre Guided Diagnosis and Surgery Prof Sumeet Mahajan (FEPS), Prof Francesco Poletti (FEPS), Mr Diederik Bulters (UHS) Marzanna Szwaj
Acoustic nanobubbles for mechanostimulation and drug delivery in fracture repair Dr Nick Evans (FM), Dr Dario Carugo (FEPS), Dr Tracey Newman (FM) Sara Ferri
Automated Analysis of Lung Sounds as a Predictor of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia (VAP) Prof Anna Barney (FEPS), Prof Anne Bruton (FELS), Prof Mike Grocott (FM) Ravi Pal
Inferring early warning signals of ecosystem collapse at the end of the Eocene greenhouse Dr Thomas Ezard (FELS), Dr Sandra Nogue-Bosch (FELS), Dr Steven Bohaty (FELS) Lorna Kearns
Control of stem cell fate and clonal dynamics Dr Philip Greulich (FSS), Dr Ben MacArthur (FSS) Cristina Parigini
Unravelling the clonal nature of microglial diversity in the brain. Dr Diego Gomez Nicola (FELS), Dr Matt Rose-Zerilli (FM), Dr Jonathan West (FM) Tim Muntslag
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