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Careers & Employability

At the University of Southampton, we believe in providing our students with skills, experience and opportunities to help in acquiring a future career.

Through our Careers and Employability service, you are given guidance and support throughout your studies and including post-studies for up to three years after graduation.

Each faculty provides ample opportunities to get involved in a wide range of programs that can help towards gainful employment. Find out more below.

Career opportunities after a maths degree

Mathematics offers a huge variety of career opportunities. It is important to plan ahead and know about your options.

We have designed this section to help you navigate through the maze of career options that exist for maths graduates. Each of the pages below offer an insight into relevant careers for maths graduates, including a description of career, the skills required, the pros and cons, as well as useful links.

Possible career choices:

notes of money

Accountancy & Professional Service

A career in accountancy and professional service is a fantastic way of using the skills you've picked up during your degree. The industry is huge, offering variety and great career prospects.

stats on screen

The Actuarial Profession

Actuaries use mathematical and statistical modelling to predict future events that will have a financial impact on an organisation. The actuarial profession offers a highly mathematical career.

graphs with money on it

Banking - Investment Banking

Investment banks offer financial advice and services to large corporations, governments and high-net-worth individuals. A career in investment banking can be highly lucrative and fast paced.

pen on graphs

Banking - Retail Banking

Retail banking covers the activities of the main high street banks; that is, providing financial services and products to individuals and businesses.

rows of computers

Computing & IT

ICT is now a huge industry, providing huge opportunities for maths graduates. A career in this industry could provide you with the perfect opportunity to apply your maths degree.

A roll of light wires

Engineering Sciences

Applying your mathematics skills to solve real-world, physical problems is incredibly rewarding. Engineering offers such a career.

group of business people around a table

General Management

A natural leader? If you have a flair for management and organising resources then you should consider a career in management.

students writing on a window with fornula

Operational research

Operational research is the science of improving efficiency and making better decisions.

two students around a laptop

Postgraduate Study - MSc & Taught Courses

Whether you want to further you knowledge in a particular field, gain professional qualifications or to change your field of study; there is a qualification for you.

students studying

Postgraduate Study - PhD

Studying for a PhD in mathematics offers the incredible opportunity to make an original contribution to mathematics.

hands holding stats

Statistical research

In a world surrounded by data statisticians are highly sought after to analyse and make sense of it, to provide usable information to businesses and governments.

Lecturer teaching


A career in teaching offers unparalleled job satisfaction. With a huge shortage of maths teacher in the UK, the government is offering substantial rewards for maths graduates to enter the profession.

Other Careers

This list is only a selection of the many careers open to maths graduates. Visit our Careers and Employability Services to explore other career ideas you may have.

The Careers and Employability Service is fantastic, they organise so many activities that help with interview skills and application advice.

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