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Mediation Mediation referrals

For Managers/Team Leaders/HR

Considering referring a case to mediation?

Mediation is being used successfully within the University amongst a very diverse range of employees, at all levels.  Over 90% of cases that go to mediation reach an agreement which includes both parties agreeing a way of working together in the future that is acceptable to them both.  The Mediation Service have successfully dealt with complicated entrenched conflicts that have been going on for months/years which had seemed impossible to resolve.

Cases often involve perceptions of bullying and harrassment, differences in/dislike of line-management style, aspects of performance management, poor communication practices, conflict and confrontation, no communication and isolation and a complete breakdown in a working relationship.

Recommended way to approach the subject of mediation with parties in conflict

If you would like to talk through a case prior to mentioning it to the parties involved call:

Telephone 02380 597098 (Internal Ext 27098)


How to make a referral

(if you are ready to refer a case now)

Please go to the Online Referral Form for Managers

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