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The University of Southampton
The Music Focus Group

For adult CI users

Music listening tips and resources for adult cochlear implant users



Music and my CI - read Edna's experiences of listening to music through her CI. 

Music-focused website for cochlear implant users, sponsored by Med-El.

The Listening Room (Advanced Bionics) - for infants, kids, teens and adults.

Musical Atmospheres (Advanced Bionics) - aimed at teens and adults.

HOPE (Re)Habilitation Resources (Cochlear).

Med-El music listening resources.

Play a song and read the lyrics for free - find the lyrics here and type the song title or artist into Grooveshark play a song.

Use the Virtual Keyboard to test your pitch discrimination and instrument identification abilities.

Use this Online Drum Machine to adapt and create your own drum rhythms.

Explore voice pitch control using Sing & See - free 30 day trial available from

General tips for listening to music with your cochlear implant.

Visit the website of the Music and the Deaf charity for information about their projects, events and resources. 

Visit the attitude is everything website for information on access to live music.


What does music sound like through a cochlear implant?

Music will sound different for each person with a cochlear implant because each ear is different and the extent to which it has been affected by the disease process which caused the deafness varies from one person to another. However, cochlear implant processing is similar for patients using the same device. It is possible to simulate the effect of the processing of the implant so here are a couple of examples to give you a feel for how it might sound. You may notice that the more times you listen to the simulation, the better it will sound.

More cochlear implant simulations are available from thelisteningtree website.


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Piano Keys
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