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Beethoven the Pianist

Published: 15 June 2010
Beethoven the Pianist

Cambridge University Press has published a new book - Beethoven the Pianist - by Southampton research fellow Tilman Skowroneck.

The widely held belief that Beethoven was a rough pianist, impatient with his instruments, is not altogether accurate; it is influenced by anecdotes dating from when deafness had begun to impair his playing.

Presenting a new, detailed biography of Beethoven's formative years, this book reviews the composer's early career, outlining how he was influenced by teachers, theorists and instruments.

Skowroneck describes the development and decline of Beethoven's pianism, and pays special attention to early pianos, their construction and their importance for Beethoven and the modern pianist. Skowroneck presents a revised picture of Beethoven which traces his development from an impetuous young musician into a virtuoso in command of many musical resources.

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