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Acoustics Workshop for Performers and Composers Event

Photo Credit. Paul McCabe
29 January 2018
Turner Sims Southampton SO17 1BJ

For more information regarding this event, please email Louise Johnson at .

Event details

We are delighted to welcome Rob Harris, a Visiting Professor at ISVR, to present a non-mathematical introductory lecture on acoustics and music, suitable for classical and J&P performers plus composers and anyone else who may be interested. Rob’s career has been in the acoustic design of performing arts buildings including many major recital and concert halls and opera houses.

How could you make the best us of rehearsal and performance spaces when you play/sing?

Have you considered the space your compositions could be performed in and how this may affect your writing?

Do you know how to reduce the likelihood of Music Induced Hearing Loss and how at risk you might be?

The lecture aims are to provide a basic understanding and awareness as a musician of room acoustics, to assist in making the best use of rehearsal and performance spaces and in composition for different types of space.  

  • Rob will talk a little about the basics of sound. He will then describe how “early” and “late” sound reflections determine what we hear as performers and audience.
  • He will discuss the interactive and iterative relationship between music and architecture, describing how spaces like the Turner Sims are designed for music performance.
  • Finally he will talk about the important subject of avoiding Noise Induced Hearing Loss.

All are welcome.

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