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Careers & Employability

Whatever career path you decide to follow, you will be able to move on with a wealth of skills and a real competitive edge. Where you choose to study is of key significance for your future career options.

A careers fair at the University of Southampton
Postgraduate careers

Whether you want to pursue an academic career or follow a path in business or other sectors, undertaking postgraduate education that develops your personal and professional skills will give you the edge.

Postgraduate study at the University of Southampton will enable you to push the boundaries of knowledge in your chosen field and make a real contribution to your subject. 

Whatever your situation, the Career and Employability Service offers a wide range of services and support for postgraduate students. Visit the Careers and Employability Service website for more details.

Your employability

As a Masters or PhD music student at Southampton you will work with leading academics in the field. Most of our students have pursued further study in music because they want to embrace the subject in some form as a career. Postgraduate study not only offers the opportunity to develop these aspirations but to network with prolific names in the industry, including researchers, composers and performers.

If you decide to enter a different career path, employers from all sectors will look favourably on a postgraduate degree - placing significant value on your enhanced time-management, research and commitment to learning.

Career options

Our graduates enjoy successful careers in both musical and non-musical professions, including performance, composition, education, arts management, media, engineering, public service, IT and computing.

Southampton PhD graduates have an excellent track record of obtaining academic posts in the UK and abroad: university musicologists and composers with Southampton doctorates include Sarah Hibberd (Nottingham), Michael Spitzer (Durham), Bjoern Heile (Glasgow), Bethany Lowe (Newcastle), Allan Moore (Surrey), Edward Hughes (Sussex), Antonio Cascelli (Maynooth), Lee Tsang (Hull), Melanie Marshall (Cork), Victoria Vaughan (Oberlin), Peter Elsdon (Hull), Geoffrey Poole (Bristol) and Alan Marsden (Lancaster).

Humanities careers support

Humanities works with the Careers and Employability Service to develop opportunities for our postgraduate students.

Through events such as our annual postgraduate career day we explore the pathways available to those with higher degrees in the humanities with postgraduate recruiters such as IBM, local and national government, the BBC and the EU. The additional skills acquired through a masters or PhD in one of our disciplines can take you where you want to go.

Key facts

PhD students in later years of their candidacy are regularly offered opportunities to teach in our undergraduate programme.

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