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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia

Funded research projects

We are very pleased to announce the following research grants:

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Year Name Title Status Amount
2012 Pu Suan Hui Graphene Growth on Silicon - A Mechanistic Study Complete RM86,000
2012 Suhaila Mohd Sanip Characterisation and Transport Properties of Functionalised Carbon Nanotubes Polymer Composites Complete RM81,520
2013 Ng Jo-Han Theoretical Modelling for the Reaction Kinetics Mechanism of a Novel Enhanced - Mixing Transesterification Complete RM127,300
2013 William Chong Woei Fong A Numerical Method for Simultaneous Prediction of Wear and Friction Along Nano-Scale Dry Asperity Contact (n-SIMPAC) Complete RM104,000
2014 Pu Suan Hui A Study on the Fundamental Properties of Nanocrystalline Graphene On-Going RM99,200
2014 Hong Liu Contact Mechanics of Gold-Coated Carbon Nanotube Microswitches On-Going RM109,200
2015 Low Siow Yong A Study on the Effects of Auditory Modalities on Speech Intelligibility On-Going RM63,100
2015 Lee Sze Sing Novel Direct Torque Control Schemes Using Multilevel-DC-Link Inverter for Electric Vehicle Application On-Going RM86,500
2015 Seung Hwan Won Theoretical Analysis of Optimal Synchronisation for 5G Milimetre Wave Communications On-Going RM94,900
2015 Gan Khong Wui Investigation of Recycling and Re-manufacturing Process Parametres of Highly-Aligned Long Discontinuous Aerospace Carbon Fibre Composites On-Going RM70,200
2016 John Shrimpton Study on the Effects of Helmholtz Resonator with Vortex Generator on High-Speed Particle Motion On-Going RM76,060
2016 Lim Chee Shen A Model Predictive Control based Shunt Active Power Filtering Technique for the Unbalanced Current Compensation in Microgrid On-Going RM101,000
2016 Ng Jo-Han A Microfluidic Study of Low Temperature Transesterification (For Biodiesel Production) using Rapid-Mixing Micro-Scale Reactors On-Going RM91,200
      TOTAL RM1,190,180

Exploratory Research Grant Scheme (ERGS)

2013 William Chong Woei Fong The Design of Lubricant and Surface Interaction for Reduced Boundary Friction and Wear On-Going RM100,000
2013 Suhaila Mohd Sanip Thin Film Transparent Graphene Electrode for Organic Solar Cell (OSC) Complete RM90,000
2013 John Shrimpton Direct Numerical Analysis for Electrostatic Atomisation of Fuel System Miniaturisation Complete RM110,000
      TOTAL RM300,000

Crest Research Grant

2015 Mihai Dragos Rotaru Electromagnetic Design and Process Parametre Optimisation for Flexible Printed Circuits On-Going RM220,000
      TOTAL RM220,000

Global Partnership Awards

2015 Suhaila Mohd Sanip Development of Advanced Organic Solar Cell Research Using Nanocarbons Complete £6,000
2015 Ng Jo-Han Southampton - Malaysia Biodiesel Research Alliance Complete £2,300
2016 Lim Chee Shen A Strategic Microgrid Research Alliance On-Going £5,000
      TOTAL £13,300

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