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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia

Funded research projects

We are very pleased to announce the following research grants:

Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS)
Project leader
Project title
Cluster (subcluster)
Total allocation (RM)
Phase 1/2021 Ling Ting Yang (Ivan) Geometrical, inter-sheet and quantum capacitance characterization of laser induced graphene (LIG) with metallic nanoparticle loading

Technology adn Engineering (Electronical and Electronic)

144,841 Active
Phase 1/2020 Ng Jo-Han Mesofluidic Study of Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) Reactor for Microwave-Assisted Transesterification

Technology adn Engineering  (Energy and Green Technology)

88,896 Active
Phase 1/2020 Wong Kok Hoe Investigation of solidity effects to enhance the aerodynamic performance of a variable diameter vertical axis wind turbine Technology and Engineering (Energy and Green Technology) 143,200 Active
Phase 1/2020 Azam Bin Ahmad Bakir Modelling electromechanical interaction of myocardium and coronary circulation for investigation of heart diseases Technology and Engineering (Mechanical and Manufacturing) 118,370 Active
Phase 1/2020 Kok Foo Ngai Mechanism and effect of flow oscillation induced by secondary vortices in turbulent pipe flow with swirl Technology and Engineering (Infrastructure and Transportation) 101,795 Active
Phase 1/2019 Low Siow Yong A Study on the Efficacy of Spectral-Temporal Modulation Domain for Speech Intelligibility Enhancement Technology and Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) 91,478 Active
Phase 1/2019 Gan Khong Wui Generating pseudo-ductility in hybrid short/continuous fibre-reinforced composites using recycled carbon fibres Technology and Engineering (Aerospace) 99,200 Active
Phase 1/2018 Khor Jing Huey A Lightweight Anonymous Authentication Protocol for Blockchain IoT Network Information and Communication Technology (Information System) 102,308 Active
Phase 1/2018 Suhaila Binti Mohd.Sanip Surface-energy studies on heat-treated graphene film for high performance hybrid photo-voltaic device application Technology and Engineering (Green Technology) 71,956 Active
Phase 1/2018 Lim Kok Geng Phenomenological studies of compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices consisting of novel solid solution system Pure and Applied Science (Physics) 71,800 Active
Phase 1/2018 Varun Thangamani Energy Harnessing from Vortex-Induced Vibrations Using Cavity Flow Oscillations Technology and Engineering (Green Technology) 57,500 Completed
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