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Create your University computing account

In order to access the services and facilities provided by the University of Southampton you must subscribe and create your new University computing account and email.

You can subscribe online from any computer and you will be asked to provide your student number (located on the offer letter sent to you), your surname and date of birth. Later during this process you will be asked to select a password to use with our services.

Step-by-step guide

The step-by-step video below will guide you through the process of subscribing:

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Create your University computing account” link

3. Enter your details and the system should now recognise you. If you receive an error message, check and correct your entry if necessary. You will be asked to accept the conditions displayed

4. Complete the answers to the security questions and answers (you may change the questions if you wish)

5. You will be assigned a username. Make sure you write it down as you will need it later and it will not be displayed again

6. Choose and type in a password, and then type it again to confirm it. This is a safeguard to ensure you did not make an error when typing the password

7. Tick the boxes to show whether you want to be included in the external on-line directory

8. Click on ‘Next’ and as long as no mistakes are found, you will see a message stating that you have successfully subscribed

9. Your account will become fully active within 30 minutes

10. Continue to enroll online

Once you have set up your University computing account, it is very important that you check your email account regularly. The University will communicate important information to you via this email address, for example, information about your course, fees and accommodation.

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