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The University of Southampton
Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

NAMRIP at the 2016 Cheltenham Science Festival

"Why do we end up giving cows antibiotics? Because they cannot work the hand washing taps, and when they try to sing 'Happy Birthday' it just comes out mo m'moo moo moo moo..."

I heard this from Rhiannon seven hours into a straight shift at the Cheltenham Science Festival - it sounded odd but I, and her young audience, understood exactly what she meant (see video below).


Rhiannon and I were the NAMRIP component of the University of Southampton Roadshow (additional stands and helpers from the university are listed at the base of the page). We linked our three NAMRIP exhibits (handcleaning, cow hooves and ultrasonic levitation) in the following story, which the children picked up as they passed from Rhiannon to me:

Professor Tim Leighton with exhibit
Professor Tim Leighton demonstrating acoustic levitator

 The day was long and exciting, with a very enthusiastic young audience that gave us good marks on our scoresheet


Feeback from members of the public
Excellent feedback!




Sharing our tent was an audiology team from ISVR, and we paired up well when the public asked about ear infections (see below).

Audiology exhibit









At the end, a huge rainstorm appeared out of nowhere, making the pavements more than ankle-deep on water, so we huddled in the tent as around us, other people disassembled their tents, then regretted it !

Flooding in Cheltenham
The great british weather!
NAMRIP team take shelter from the rain
NAMRIP team take shelter from the rain









Many thanks to Peter Glynn-Jones and his team for loaning us the ultrasonic levitator, and thanks to Shoufeng Yang and Emma Roe for all their hard work to date on the hoof project. The handwashing materials were prepared by Mengyang Zhu, Tom Secker and Craig Dolder. The full list of helpers for the week at Cheltenham Science Festival, and their exhibit names, is as follows:

NAMRIP: Rhiannon Lloyd Leighton, Timothy Leighton

Acoustic Levitation: Peter Glynne-Jones

Stem Cells: Jon Dawson, Mohamed Mousa, Shona Waddell, Yanghee Kim

ISVR/Audiology: Fred Vanheusden, Rebecca Duan, Toby Goehring

Theoretical Chemistry: Tim Wiles, Tim Naginey, Hannah Bruce Macdonald and colleagues

ADRC-E (Administrative Data Research Centre England): Lisa Then

Plasma Drives: Charlie Ryan, Chengyu Ma, Alison Dufresne, Marian Daogaru, Dipen Mistry

Supernovae: Sam Connolly, Sam Mangham, Peter Boorman.

 Special thanks for organizing the whole event go to NAMRIP members Steve and Tony:

  • Dr Steve Dorney, Principal Public Engagement Fellow within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton, coordinates all the NAMRIP outreach activities.
  • Dr Tony Curran , researcher in the Faculty of Engineering and the Environment, runs the University's Roadshow which includes our NAMRIP exhibits.
NAMRIP tackles the AMR challenge
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