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The University of Southampton

RSS news feeds

The University provides a variety of RSS news feeds to keep you up to date with what's going on around the University.

What are RSS feeds?

RSS feeds are XML files that are populated with the latest news from a web site. Putting all the latest news into one file allows you (and automated tools) to find out what's new on a web site without having to trawl through the entire site.

What can you do with RSS?

University of Southampton news feeds have been prepared so you can read them directly in your browser, but the most powerful (and easiest) way to use RSS is to 'subscribe' to a news feed, either through your browser using 'Live Bookmarks' (the latest versions of most major browsers now support this feature), or by using a stand-alone news aggregator program.

If you use a news aggregator, they can usually be configured to periodically check the news feeds you have subscribed to, and inform you when something new is added to a site.

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