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The University of Southampton
The NMR Spectroscopy Facility

NMR spectroscopic experiments in house are classified into two basic categories:

1D and 2D NMR spectra (proton, carbon, fluorine) and a full range of multinuclear NMR experiments.
Solution NMR spectroscopy
HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy:1D and 2D proton NMR, direct observation of carbon NMR, inverse 2D experiments such as HMQC and HMBC on gel-phase resin and biological samples.
HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy

Internal School of Chemistry NMR samples

Routine samples are run under an open-access protocol on two Bruker 400 MHz FT-NMR spectrometers. Samples that require greater manual intervention can be analysed on a third Bruker 400 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer.

More advanced and demanding NMR experiments are submitted to be run on a Bruker AVIII HD 500 MHz FT-NMR spectrometer by experienced staff.

External (Commercial) NMR samples

Contact Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions.

Commercial enquiries should be directed to Southampton Chemistry Analytical Solutions.

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