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The University of Southampton
Dancing with Parkinson’s Disease

About us

This research group is a multi disaplinary team drawing expertise from several faculties within the University.


This study is run by Professor Ashburn and her research team at the University of Southampton. The team have specialised in the measurement and management of spinal posture using the SpinalMouse, balance disorders and falls in PD. The South Coast DeNDRoN Research Network based in Southampton and directed by Dr Roberts supports clinically based research throughout the local area and nationally. Dr Rose Wiles has considerable experience of using qualitative research methods for exploring consumer insights and perceptions of rehabilitation. The study has been reviewed by the South Central- Southampton A Research Ethics committee.

Team members

Principal applicant      Professor Ann Ashburn


Co-applicants            Dr Ruth Pickering

                                  Dr Rose Wiles

                                  Dr Helen Roberts

                                  Dr Lisa Roberts


Researchers               Carolyn Fitton

                                  Dr Dorit Kunkel

                                  Judy Robison

                                  Sophia Hulbert


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