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The Trust Crisis. It's now up online available to watch!

Published: 16 February 2022
The Trust Crisis

The TrustGov project has teamed up with the film production company Silverfish to create a documentary about political trust.

The documentary explores how diverse, ordinary citizens (from the UK, USA and Denmark) feel about their governments, political institutions, politicians and why they feel this way. The film highlights the state of political trust in the world and whether it has been declining in recent times; furthermore it looks at what the consequences may be for our democracies and society. The documentary includes extensive interviews with multiple academics from the UK, USA, Denmark, France and Iceland, as well as various journalistic experts, community activists and ordinary citizens. Academics from TrustGov and beyond share their findings and ideas with the audience in an engaging and relatable way, woven together with the personal stories of ordinary citizens.

For more information about the project see:

Here is the link to the full documentary:

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