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Politics and International Relations Part of Economic, Social and Political Science


Find out more about some of our grants below.

Redressing Gendered health inequalities

Redressing Gendered Health Inequalities

This is a three-year interdisciplinary project funded by the ESRC under the GCRF Development-based approaches to Protracted Displacement programme. Starting date, February 2020.

Trust and Trustworthiness in Governance

Trust and Trustworthiness in Governance

This project uses a range of quantitative and qualitative methods (surveys, experiments, focus groups, elite interviews) to explore how citizens assess governments and politicians as trustworthy or not.

Drone violence


The DRONETHICS project addresses the morality of ‘drone violence’, and it aims to generate research-based recommendations on how to restrain and manage this violence justly.

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Rebooting Democracy

This project brings together traditional survey data, and new forms of crowdsourced and real-time data to understand what interventions actually help to sustain rather than hinder democracy.

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