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The University of Southampton
Psychology graduate leavers pack

What do you have to offer?

So - what are you good for? Absolutely everything. The University of Southampton is one of the top 20 UK Universities targeted by graduate employers. Thought, preparation and reflection will enable you to showcase your skills and experience.

Before writing a CV, completing an application form, or applying for further study, you need to decide what skills you have that you would like to use in employment or higher education.

The following video demonstrates how other graduates have taken the skills learnt through an undergradute degree in Psychology and applied them in the real-world:

[British Psychological Society - ]

A skills audit is a good way of collecting your skills and experiences. It means that when you are making your application, or representing yourself at interview, you know what your strengths are, you can say how you have already demonstrated them, and more than that, you can demonstrate the maturity to identify your areas for development.

When you think about your skills, remember that your degree will have provided you with a fantastic basis. You all have demonstrable expertise in written and oral communication, in the application of IT, in time and task management, in problem solving, in working within teams as well as independently, and in handling complex written and numerical information. Additionally, you have developed numerous research skills and have a good awareness of the ethical issues in research. These are transferable skills that your employer or postgraduate trainer will welcome. Each of your modules will have equipped you with a variety of graduate attributes and you can find some of these listed in the module outlines from the undergraduate handbook .

The sky's the limit

Remember also, that your jobs, volunteer work, and hobbies will also have provided you with a complement to these skills. You have, perhaps held positions of responsibility, organised sporting or social events, represented your group in a hobby or activity, gathered experience with particular client groups. These are all incredibly valuable as they serve to contextualise what may otherwise look like a nice theoretical list of your capabilities. These demonstrations show your skills in action and show that you can walk the walk. Remember that, in addition to presenting evidence of your experience and activities, it is essential that you show an ability to reflect on the skills you've acquired.

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