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Social Psychology

The influence of social context

As a Social Psychologist you will apply psychological theory of how people's thoughts, feelings and behaviour are influenced by social contexts (eg: groups and relationships). You might also study individuals' attitudes, goals, incentives and social norms.

Individuals who want to become a Social Psychologist do not have a set career pathway like the other fields of psychology. To become a Social Psychologist often involves doing research into that area.

You can take the role of...

Qualifications - How do I become a Social Psychologist?

What relevant work experience would I need?

Photo of Erica Hepper
My studies at Southampton have enabled me to develop skills in a whole host of areas, given me confidence in implementing these skills, and taught me to multi-task—essential in an academic job!
Erica HepperBSc Psychology, MSc Research Methods in Psychology, PhD in Psychology

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