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Psychology is the scientific study of human behaviour and mental functioning. Psychologists are interested in how people think, feel and act – from interactions between neurons to interactions between people.

Addiction, pain management, autism, ADHD, the effect of food additives and sexual health: these are just a few of the areas in which our research teams are seeking to aid and inform the wider community.

You may be interested in hearing a talk given by a world-class expert, or you may be looking for something more hands-on. Just get in touch. For us, this is all part of bringing science into the community.


Sign up for our College Link days - where you can sample taster lectures, lab tours and hear from our students:

Psychological Digestives: after-lunch breaks with live quizzes, fun competitions and toy experiments on topics from psychology and neuroscience, as part of SOTSEF 2022:

Young Scientist Scheme:

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Words from the wise

Join us in an afternoon talk from an expert outlining his or her current research.

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