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Meet the team

Public Policy|Southampton ensures the smooth delivery of the CSaP fellowships programme, impact capacity training and provides specialist policy support to researchers pathways to impact. Utilising the various skills within the team we build and maintain strategic partnerships with local, national and international policymakers through bespoke event management, social media campaigns, policy brief development and training for policymakers. Our core aim is to 'change the world for the better' by engaging policymakers with evidence produced at the University of Southampton.

If you are a policymaker searching for evidence or a researcher with policy relevant evidence we can help you.

Gareth Giles
Gareth Giles

Gareth Giles, Head of Public Policy|Southampton

Giles (as he is known to all) brings more than a decade’s worth of experience working between central and local government and the higher education sector. In his current role is responsible for the strategic direction of PPS, financial sustainability of the team and internal and external stakeholder management. Giles is currently working on policy engagement culture change within the University specifically focusing on developing mechanisms that support and celebrate the successes of our diverse range of world leading Early Career Researchers.

Most likely to say: ‘and all that good stuff’.

Biggest fan of: the (home) office plants.

+44 (0)23 8059 8981

+44 (0)7557663644

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Yaryna Basystyuk
Yaryna Basystyuk

Yaryna Basystyuk, Policy Engagement Manager

Yaryna brings extensive experience of knowledge exchange between HEIs and the private sector, State government and the United Nations from her time in the United States.  In her current role within PPS, she oversees our Policy|Placement programme with national and local government, manages Cambridge Science and Policy (CSaP) fellowship scheme, and leads on engagement with Universities COP26 Network. Yaryna is currently developing and implementing our Policy|Associate Pool programme to offer enhanced insight to principle investigators and exposure to policy for PhD and post-doctoral researchers at the University.

Most likely to say: ‘so we shall see…’.

Biggest fan of: the coast, and everything in and around the water.

+44 (0)23 8059 5466

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Thea Kouraki
Thea Kouraki

Thea Kouraki, Policy Officer and Communications Lead

Thea’s broad experience in developing and implementing marketing projects gives PPS exposure to wealth of commercial practices for relationship management. Her current role within PPS includes overall coordination of internal and external communications (website, social media, video production, policy blogs, flyers etc.). She focuses her work into delivering targeted activities for the 400+ researcher network (monthly newsletter, dissemination of specific calls and opportunities etc.) and oversight of Policy|Training and data management. Her remit also includes supporting academics enhancing the policy impact of their research projects by compiling stakeholder analysis, policy briefs etc. Thea is currently working on the planning and delivering of the refreshed PPS communications strategy to be implemented in 2020/21.

Most likely to say: ‘based on our analytics…’.

Biggest fan of: good (and a lot of) food.

+44 (0)23 80594311

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Wassim Dbouk
Wassim Dbouk

Wassim Dbouk, Marine and Maritime Policy and Research Fellow

Following his PhD in Marine Environmental Law, and in combination with his diverse past work experience in the private, public, legal and research sectors, most notably with the Lebanese Parliament, Wassim brings a broad, flexible skillset and an astute understanding of the interaction between research, law and policy. Thanks to his academic background, Wassim has been involved in several wide-ranging policy-informing research projects, during which he collected and analysed data, and presented his research outcomes to the relevant stakeholders. In addition, he is responsible for scanning, drafting and submission of academic responses to government consultations and Parliamentary Inquires. In his current role as Marine and Maritime Policy and Research Fellow he specialises in creating and delivering policy engagement opportunities for researchers within the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute (SMMI).  He is currently working closely with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency to identify and fulfil evidence needs through PhD placement and contract research ensuring impactful knowledge exchange between policymakers and the expertise found within the SMMI.

Most likely to say: ‘wouldn’t raise an eyebrow in Lebanon’.

Biggest fan of: anything Manchester United.

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Adrianna Jezierska
Adrianna Jezierska

Adrianna Jezierska, Digital Communications Officer

In her final year of Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Adrianna is focusing on digital marketing and online engagement. Her educational background, mixed with previous working experience within different marketing departments, allows her to approach various digital activities at PPS strategically. She works as the Digital Communications Officer at PPS to work on PPS social media platforms and university website. Adrianna is currently working on organising and updating COVID related webpages.  

Most likely to say: ‘well yes, although…’

Biggest fan of: photography and design 

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Helen Ballem
Helen Ballem

Helen Ballem, Departmental Administrator

Helen’s extensive experience of being a Departmental Administrator at the University of Southampton for more than 15 years, has given her a great insight on how the mechanisms work and how she can best provide assistance to colleagues. In addition to her other responsibilities within RIS, Helen is currently assisting PPS in keeping the Policy Projects Database up to date and producing monthly analytics which allows PPS to plan ahead and manage their work more efficiently. Her remit includes to get in contact with the principal investigators of each policy project and get the latest update, to liaise with the other members of the PPS team in finding suitable times for meetings with academics and to alert the team whenever a research project ‘s proposal becomes successful.

Most likely to say: ‘OK, cool’

Biggest fan of: F.R.I.E.N.D.S (TV series)

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