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Public Policy|Southampton is pleased to invite you to its new series of Policy|Training for 2022/23 designed to support University of Southampton academics enhance the policy impact of their research.


Embedding Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Your Policy Impact by Laura Bea

This session will provide introductory thoughts and frameworks on how to include principles of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion when you are thinking about policy recommendations based on your research. This will include using Bacchi's WPR approach (Whats the Problem Represented), Haraways Standpoint Theory and Crenshaw's Intersectionality Theory to reflect on personal positions and assumptions that come through when thinking about policy recommendations. No prior academic knowledge of these theories are needed for the session. The session will also introduce a professional framework, the Equality Impact Assessment, that could be used to think and reflect more critically about the impact of the impact you are aiming to achieve.

The session will be led by Laura Bea, current Network Manager for the Universities Policy Engagement Network and previous PPS Specialist Policy Officer (EDI), and they will be joined by additional guests who will provide additional insight into the above.

Details: 14:00-16:00, Wednesday 26th April 2023, online (link on registration)


How to Win at Policy with Gareth Giles, Head of Public Policy|Southampton

In this session, Giles, Head of Public Policy|Southampton, will aim to demystify the process of engaging with public policy actors and highlight support available from Public Policy|Southampton (PPS). We will examine what public policy is, identify and learn to empathise with policymakers and find out how Public Policy|Southampton (PPS) can help researchers achieve policy impact. We will address engaging with local government and central government, working with civil society and Parliamentary scrutiny.

The session will run for just over an hour and will have a Q&A session.

Details:  14:00-15:30, Thursday 4th May 2023, online (link on registration)


How to Influence Policymakers with Dr Helen Goulding

In this interactive workshop, you will gain practical knowledge of how researchers can engage policymakers and contribute to policymaking. Before the workshop you will be asked to read some information on the policy process, including tips for researchers from a range of policy makers. During the workshop the trainer will share her experiences of successful researcher - policymaker collaborations and discuss effective influencing techniques with you. She will encourage you to share any of your own experiences with policy makers, answer your questions and give practical tips and advice to help you. By the end of the workshop you will: ♦ See the policy process through the eyes of a policy maker, understanding their tasks and the pressures they face ♦ Know how researchers can get involved in the policy process and influence effectively.

Dr Helen Goulding is an alumnus of the University of Southampton whose career includes many years of policy making and regulation. After her PhD she started work as a Fast Stream Civil Servant for the UK Government, creating collaborations between academia, industry and funders. She then worked at the Wellcome Trust (medical charity) in policy and programme management. After that she moved to the Audit Commission (regulator of Local Government and Health bodies) so she has excellent understanding of how central Government policy is translated in other organisations. She returned to the Government to work in policy and R&D programme management, and later joined Ofgem, the gas and electricity regulator. She set up her training company, Quercus Training, in 2011 and now spends much of her time training and coaching researchers at all levels, including workshops on policy making, soft skills including people management and negotiation, and career development.

Details:  14:00-17:00, Tuesday 9th May 2023, online (link on registration)


Policy Masterclass with Professor John Denham 

This interactive session developed and delivered by former Secretary of State and University of Southampton Alumnus Professor John Denham, Director, Centre for English Identity and Politics, is designed for researchers with a public policy impact goal in mind. The session will provide an exciting opportunity to work in small groups with this former Cabinet Minister to learn what works well when communicating evidence to senior policymakers. John Denham is Professor at the University of Southampton, Director, Centre for English Identity and Politics, and former UK Member of Parliament and Secretary of State. We would like to strongly encourage in person attendance for this session in order to maximise benefit, refreshments will be provided. 

Details:  14:00-16:00, Tuesday 16th May 2023, hybrid (link on registration)

Location: Highfield Campus, Building 29/1101



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