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The New Things Fund 2021-2022



The PPS New Things Fund applications will open to all researchers at the University of Southampton on December 3rd.

What is the New Things Fund?

The New Things Fund (NTF) is an internally awarded programme created to provide the initial impetus to commence a journey towards local, sub-national, national or international policy engagement. NTF is itself funded via the University of Southampton’s allocation of UKRI’s Policy Support Fund.

We aim to award ten researchers with up to £7.5k for rapidly realisable projects to be delivered over 11 weeks between 10th January and 31st March 2022. Extensions beyond 31st March will not be possible.  Applications will open on 3rd December and close on 17th December.

This year’s iteration of NTF is targeted towards early and mid-career researchers from groups typically under-represented within the UK Academy. We have deliberately taken a broad and intersectional  interpretation of ‘under-represented groups’ to include researchers who were ‘first in family’ to attend university, researchers who were care leavers, researchers from families with a low household income as well as researcher’s protected characteristics as identified in the Equality Act 2010.

An NTF award does not have to be used in a way that brings immediate policy impact. It should treated as a building block for wider initiatives developing new relationships with evidence users, creating pathways to impact, or laying the foundations for future engagement through awareness raising outputs such as video or written briefings. We expect applicants to consider how new policy engagement activities may support research ambitions (such as joint applications for funding with evidence using bodies or scoping of contract research) but we do not expect you to predict exactly what policy impact these activities will deliver.

Six months after your award has ended we will contact you to find out how NTF has supported your policy engagement journey. We will repeat this survey at 12 months post award to gain an understanding of how this has catalysed your work and seek further ways in which PPS can support your onward journey to policy impact.

Previous Projects

Last year, we had 7 awardees from across the University delivering a wide range of outputs across a number of policy themes. You can find out more about the 2020/21 projects below.



2021/2022 Projects

Government Prevent Policy

Click here to read about Dr Gillian Kennedy's project: 'New' Prevent Policy: How the Government's policy to prevent radicalism is being perceived by Muslim Youth.

Leading sustainable transitions

Click here to read about Dr Ajit Nayaks project: Leading sustainability transitions: Responsible leadership in the building industry

Digitising Democracy

Click here to read about Dr Stuart Turbull-Dugarte's project: Digitising Democracy: crises, integrity, support & trust

Safety of Small Fishing Vessels

Click here to read about Dr Matteo Scarponi's project: Outcome monitoring protocol in support of the 2021 Code of Practice for the Safety of Small Fishing Vessels.

CDF Communications

Click here to read about the Centre for Democratic Futures Communications project, led by Dr Valentina Cardo, Dr Silke Roth, and Dr Matt Ryan, directors of the CDF

Healthcare provision by drone

Click here to read about Dr Laila Ait Bihi Ouali's Project: Quantifying the welfare benefits of drone logistics: the case of healthcare provision by drone

Circular Economy

Click here to read about Dr Ian Williams and Dr Lanre Shittu's project: Circular Economy Thinking to develop Sustainable Electronic Products, Business Models and Designs

2020/2021 Projects


Research into Sight Loss

Click here to view ‘Policy Changes amongst stakeholders to increase awareness and funding for research into sight loss’, led by Dr Arjuna Raynayaka and Dr Jenny Dewing


Pandemic Preparedness

Click here to view the project 'pandemic preparedness' led by Dr Michael Head and Dr Ken Brackstone

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