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Centre for the South

We are in the process of establishing a new Centre for the South (CftS) at the University of Southampton. The purpose of the CftS is to offer a hub to maximise Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise opportunities in the region, be they related to local government, industry and NGOs, research councils, or the media. The Centre represents a significant investment in the UoS’s ambitions to be a civic partner for the south coast and to inform strategic engagement with its regional partners.

Proposed activities include:

Research synthesis : accessible review papers that provide a succinct overview of the state of the art on specific topics relevant to the region.

Knowledge exchange and engagement events, including:

Placements: facilitate opportunities for researchers to work directly with local authorities and vice versa.

Consultancy and Commissioned Research: act as a focal point for local authorities interested in directly engaging researchers to fill specific knowledge gaps.

Digital gateway: provide a repository for documents and other audio/visual materials relevant to the region.

More information will be available soon.

Contact PPS for more information about how CfS can support your research interest.

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