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The University of Southampton
Southampton Clinical and Experimental Neurology Team

The SIMS (Systemic Inflammation in Multiple Sclerosis) study aims to investigate the relationship between systemic inflammatory events and disease progression in multiple sclerosis (MS).

It is a prospective study of 50 people with primary or secondary progressive MS over 2½ years.

Participants will undergo a MRI scan at the start of the study and again at the end of the study to objectively measure brain shrinkage (volumetric MRI) and tissue integrity (diffusion tensor MRI). Clinical progression will be assessed by Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), Multiple Sclerosis Functional Composite (MSFC) and continuous remote accelerometry. Infectious or inflammatory events will be recorded using a diary and by analyzing weekly urine samples.

This study will afford insight into one potential mechanism of disability progression in MS. It will also determine the place of addressing systemic infections in the clinical management of MS.

The SIMS Study team

Professor Ian Galea

Consultant Neurologist and Principal Investigator

Monica Fenn

Research Nurse

Elisabeth Jarman

Research Physiotherapist

Charlotte Stuart

Research Technician

Faye Cornick

Laboratory Technician

Connie Temple-Brown

Clinical Trials Assistant


For SIMS Study Participants

Please press the button below to complete your weekly Infections Diary.

Infections Diary

Please press the button below to complete the Urine Questionnaire.

Urine Questionnaire

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