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Learn with US Outreach Pre-16

How we can support in 2020/21

This academic year is set to be a bit different and we really miss having you on campus. However, we are sadly unable to run our normal programme due to COVID-19 and all of our in-person events are suspended until further notice.

Likewise, we also unable to visit school for the time being, but don’t panic! We can bring the best of our Learn with US programme to you with our virtual offer…

The team have been working hard to bring secondary schools across England, a high-quality digital resource for students in Years 7-10 that not only compliments the new ways in which students are learning, but also supports school staff to deliver the sessions with ease and flexibility. Simply hit the play button and let us do the hard work for you.

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Is my school eligible?

For 2020/21, our digital workshops are available to all state-funded schools based in England with the exception of selective schools. We also are unable to provide these resources for independent schools.

We will confirm, in due course, school eligibility for forthcoming academic years.

Schools ineligible for this activity can contact for alternative programmes which may be available to you.

How do staff and students use the resources?

Every student will receive a work booklet which includes a variety of activities based on the workshop theme. To accompany this, the leading member of staff will play a provided video which guide the students through the session.

Teaching staff will also be provided with an answer guide.

In addition, our Year 10 workshop also requires students to have access to a web browser for simple web searches. This can include a portable device and could be completed in pairs.

How do we access the videos?

The videos will be hosted via a private YouTube link.

Where teaching staff are unable to access this platform, please let us know following your email confirmation.

Are the resources free?

Yes, the resources are completely free for eligible schools including the cost of couriering printed materials.

Whilst there is no monetary charge, we do require some basic, anonymised, data to support our reporting of public money to the Office for Students.

Is there a limit on how many students can take part?

No. Every student is able to benefit from the resource.

How do I use the ‘LwUS Digital Workshops’ Excel Form?

When completing the booking form, you will be asked to complete an Excel form when submitting your request. This is available to download in the form description

On the form you will be asked to provide a postcode for each student who you expect to take part in the activity. Each postcode will provide one booklet. Please note that postcodes are not Personally Identifying Information under GDPR and can legally be provided to us, according to the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We would suggest that this is most easily completed by running a SIMS report.

Whilst we do not require individual targeting for this activity, you may wish to focus this provision towards your students who live in areas where progression to higher education is less likely. You can check against these area-based measures here: .Alternatively, you may wish to prioritise your students who are in receipt of Free School Meals.

How does the university use the data collected?

In asking for this information, we have a legal and ethical duty to ensure that we comply with the Data Protection Legislation and its principles, which means that your data will be:

Used lawfully, fairly and in a transparent way;
Collected only for valid purposes that we have clearly explained to you and not used in any way that is incompatible with those purposes;
Used in a way that is relevant to the purposes we have told you about and limited in usage only to those purposes;
Accurate and kept up to date;
Kept only as long as necessary for the purposes we have told you about;
Kept securely.

The data you supply will be used to report back numbers of pupils from geographic areas that are key to how the Office for Students measures under-representation within Higher Education. As a department dedicated to tackling under-representation, this is a key piece of information for us to capture and report back to the OfS as to where our resources have been provided in a given academic year. This also helps ensure our support is fit for purpose and targeted to areas of need.

At the end of the academic year, this data is aggregated into a report and the original data will be archived within the Universities storage for the remainder of its current Access and Participation Plan (ending academic year 24/25). 

For further information, please click here to access the University of Southampton’s Privacy Notice.


When will I receive my printed booklets?

The delivery schedule for our booklets is outlined in the description of our booking form which you can download as a pdf.

We expect the first batch of printed booklets to arrive in schools w/c 8 March 2021.

How long are the workshops?

The average length of each workshop is roughly 50 minutes. Where there is additional time, we would ask that both staff and students complete our survey after completing the activity.

Our workshops are also flexible in that they can be completed in shorter sessions. For example, you could complete a section each day during tutor time!

What content is included in the activity?

Each year group has a theme which is as follows:

Year 7 - An Introduction to Higher Education; what can you study, where is campus and who goes to university?

Year 8 – Selecting your GCSEs; planning your academic journey and discovering your options.

Year 9 – Skills for my Future; identifying and developing your skills for further and higher education.

Year 10 – Mapping your Future; prepare yourself for living independently and self-directed study whilst discovering your ideal degree course and students union activities.

Are there any live elements to the workshops?

No, we have created this resource primarily as an asynchronous activity that can be completed in a way that fits around your staff and students.

However, we would be more than happy to provide a live Q&A session following your workshop on request. This could be with either our student ambassadors or a member of our Access team.

Are any other resources required?

In most cases, students will just need a pen to complete their workbook.

For Year 10, students will need access to a web browser for simple web searches. This can include a portable device and could be completed in pairs.

Our surveys also need to be completed using a web browser, where possible.

Is there a limit on the number of printed booklets available?

Yes, we only have limited funding for printed copies of our booklets, so please book early to avoid disappointment.


Why is Year 11 not included?

We will shortly be announcing separate provision for Year 11 students. For further details, please email

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