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What is this talk/activity about? 

NeuroKids is a fun public engagement project for children and primary school. NeuroKids will teach how the brain works in a fun and interactive way, using interactive videos and fun remote interactive workshops.   NeuroKids aims is to: get children interested in the brain and engaged in neuropsychological research (in particular neuroimaging) - teach children about the brain and stimulating their interest in neuroscience - raise awareness in children about neurodiversity to promote inclusion and understanding and build relationships with primary schools. To do this, we are seeking to co-create with school children a child-friendly video series on the brain and a series of interactive workshops in primary schools. 

Age/Year Group

Years R-6 (Infants and Key Stages 1-2, ages 4-11 years)

Is this talk/activity available in other languages?

This talk/activity is available in English, German, and Italian.

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Rina Cianfaglione

Dennis Golm

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