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Widening Access to Medicine Taster Course and Virtual Work Experience

Tuesday 9th – Friday 12th April 2024

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Applications are open and close on 4th March 2024. Please complete the application here Please see below for more information on eligibility criteria and a typical programme. Please check you have submitted a teachers reference before you submit.

This is a free of charge 4-day Virtual Work Experience and Taster Course for thirty Year 12 students, designed to increase the applicant’s knowledge of the role of doctors and the training they undergo. The taster course will provide opportunities to develop interpersonal skills, increase awareness of the undergraduate medical student experience and support students in their applications to study Medicine.

The Widening Access to Medicine event includes:

Please see an example of the course programme.

This opportunity is for Year 12 students who want to study Medicine at university and intend to apply through a widening access programme, or contextual admissions route. To qualify for this event, you will need to be studying A Level Biology and one additional science, and meet at least two of the following eligibility criteria:

(1) The IMD score will be checked and verified by the Access Team. Applicants should normally only submit eligibility criteria relating to one postcode/address

The programme is delivered in person and online. Day 1 is on campus at the University of Southampton, day 2, 3 and 4 are virtual and delivered though Microsoft Teams. Please be aware accommodation is not provided, but all food and drink is provided while on campus on day 1. Support is available to cover any travel costs.

Hear what some of our previous students have said:

“Having a set of diverse doctors who specialise in all different fields was really nice and refreshing to see as it highlighted to me that regardless of your background and socio-economic background you can still do medicine and succeed. Dr A who had a similar background to me gave me hope that I can still do medicine regardless of my background as she stated, 'anyone can be a doctor'.”

“Throughout the work experience I was aware of the challenges facing doctors when working long hours and facing stressful situations. But speaking to the doctors and hearing them about overcoming these obstacles, really inspired me. I understand that a career in medicine will not be easy but after my work experience, I am even more determined and motivated to pursue a career in this rewarding field.” Fizra

“Not everyone who studied medicine is interested in becoming a doctor. Some want to go into public health, etc. But nonetheless any specialty/sector is extremely important. Beforehand I was closed off to anything but surgery whereas now I am more open to subspecialties like radiology and even research!”

“The best part of this course was the ward round sessions and the speed of networking with clinicians. I enjoyed round ward sessions with Dr A because I learned a lot from how he spoke to patients about their health and communicated very clearly and effectively with them. I also got an insight into the preparations before and after a patient is spoken to by a doctor.” Husna

“I have built my confidence and communication skills a lot more due mostly to the 3rd day when we had to go to the University and work together, communicate with each other and solve problems, there was a lot of teamwork where everyone had to take part and share their thoughts and opinions.” Fiza

“All the sessions were very detailed and informative. They covered all the questions I had regarding admissions and medicine. I feel a lot less stressed regarding getting into med school.” Sidra

“This experience has made me step out of my comfort zone, so I believe this experience has helped me develop more communication skills and it has given me more motivation to be able to work hard to get good grades.”

“I feel like medicine is less scary than it is made out to be. There are people constantly helping you along the way and no one is trying to bring you down.”

“I was delighted to see that we were provided with a prayer place and was glad to know that there is a prayer place for everyone in the university” Husna


Before you submit your application please check

• This form must be completed in one sitting. You cannot save your form and return to it later.

• Please check you meet the eligibility criteria

• You must already have your reference from your teacher, tutor or other member of school staff, as you will be required to upload it as an attachment to the form.

• Please also make sure that you also have your own supporting statement document ready to upload later in the form (250 word count max.)

For more information, please contact


How many days are in person?
1 day will be hosted at Highfield Campus in Southampton. The other 3 days are delivered through Microsoft Teams.

Is there a charge for this event?
No, this event is free of charge and travel expenses can be claimed. We cannot cover accommodation costs.

I am not studying in Year 12 can I apply?
This event is for students studying for their first year of A Levels.

I am an international student, can I apply?
Unfortunately this event is for students living in the UK only.

I only meet 1 of the eligibility criteria, can I still apply?
Students need to meet a minimum of 2 eligibility criteria to be considered for a place.

I cannot attend all the dates can I still apply?
Students must confirm their availability for ALL dates to be considered for a place.

Does this event count towards guaranteed interview for Medicine at Southampton?
No, however if you are applying for a contextualised admission place, this course counts as an outreach activity (Criteria d. Participation in a recognised outreach or widening participation programme).

Will I get a certificate of attendance?
Yes all students who attend will receive a certificate at the end of the programme.


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