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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre


Rigaku XtaLAB mini: Single Crystal benchtop diffraction.

A low power (600W), two axis compact system that is ideal as an introduction to collecting crystallographic data. The control software is semi-automated, which reduces the complexity for a beginner but still involves them in the experiment at key decision making points. The diffractometer is equipped with an Oxford Cryosystems Desktop Cooler, which can operate at a minimum temperature of 170K. The instrument also has the full capability of a conventional diffractometer and is able to support fully trained crystallographers to examine many of the samples generated by research projects.

Rigaku MiniFlex: Benchtop powder X-ray diffraction.

The MiniFlex is benchtop machine that is so easy to use that beginners can be collecting their own data within minutes - we start with 2nd year undergraduates, but have had much younger students doing their own experiments. This is a low power 600W instrument with a conventional scintillation  counter detector, but it still collects very good data within a matter of minutes and the software allows beginners and experts alike to use the instrument at their required level.

The Rigaku XtaLAB mini in action during an Advanced Practical session
Advanced practical sessions
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