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The University of Southampton
The Southampton Diffraction Centre

Learning & Education

A knowledge of structure is key to understanding the activity and properties of a vast spread of research - from biomolecules, through to next generation materials in disciplines ranging from earth sciences to physics and everything in between. It is therefore important not only that the next generations of scientists are able to collect and analyse data concerned with structure, but also that the general public are more aware of the crucial role a knowledge of structure plays in moving science forward.

Our approach is to focus as much as possible on a practical-led approach. With equipment dedicated to educational activities, we are able to introduce undergraduates to experimental structural science at an early stage and by the time they graduate most students will have performed their own experiments and data analysis. At postgraduate level we offer a range of courses that develop understanding through a hands-on approach - PhD students practice crystallography from the outset and an MSc provides training in practical characterisation techniques. We are dedicated to raising societal awareness of the value of crystallographic science and regularly host internships and work experience placements in addition to participating in numerous science fairs. 

The hands-on approach to the experiment really allowed us to further our understanding of the technique

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