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New insights into the raid on Dieppe?

Published: 21 December 2011Origin: History
Dr Adrian Smith

Dr Adrian Smith in History has contributed to a new television documentary to be screened in August 2012, the seventieth anniversary of the Dieppe raid.

More than three thousand Canadians were killed, wounded or taken prisoner during the unsuccessful attack, along with 275 British commandos. The Royal Navy and RAF also suffered heavy losses. Until now, the exact motives for the raid have been unclear.

Canadian film-maker Dave O’Keefe, of Marianopolis College in Montreal, has used previously secret ULTRA information authorised by the UK Government’s communications base GCHQ to investigate why Churchill ordered the attack. One clue may lie in the presence of spymaster, and James Bond author, Ian Fleming who was at Dieppe on board HMS Calpe. He had the highest security clearance within UK Naval Intelligence at the time.

Adrian was filmed in his office in the Faculty of Humanities examining the evidence and giving his opinion on O’Keefe’s theories. The documentary will be screened on History Television in Canada and UKTV in the UK.

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