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The University of Southampton
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S3RI Seminar - "Univariate Mean Change Point Detection: Penalization, CUSUM and Optimality", Dr Yi Yu (University of Bristol) Event

14:00 - 15:00
14 February 2019
University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Building 54, Room 7035

Event details

The problem of univariate mean change point detection and localization based on a sequence of n independent observations with piecewise constant means has been intensively studied for more than half century, and serves as a blueprint for change point problems in more complex settings. We provide a complete characterization of this classical problem in a general framework in which the upper bound σ 2 on the noise variance, the minimal spacing Δ between two consecutive change points and the minimal magnitude κ of the changes, are allowed to vary with n . We first show that consistent localization of the change points, when the signal-to-noise ratio κΔ 1/2 σ −1 <log 1/2 (n) , is impossible. In contrast, when κΔ 1/2 σ −1 diverges with n at the rate of at least log 1/2 (n), we demonstrate that two computationally-efficient change point estimators, one based on the solution to an ℓ 0 -penalized least squares problem and the other on the popular wild binary segmentation algorithm, are both consistent and achieve a localization rate of the order σ 2 κ −2 log(n) . We further show that such rate is minimax optimal, up to a log(n) term.

Speaker information

Yu Yu,, University of Bristol., Dr Yu's research interests include: High-dimensional statistics; network studies; survival analysis; and applications in brain imaging data.

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