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Intensive Summer Courses

Intensive modern language courses for beginners

Intensive Summer Courses

We offer these courses of 15 hours which are aimed at those with no knowledge of the language. They focus on teaching you the skills to survive in the country in a range of everyday situations. (e.g. introducing yourself, ordering food and drink, finding places, using public transport, buying tickets, booking accommodation in person or in writing.) They also provide useful cultural information for tourists and business travellers. These courses are ideal if you will be visiting the country or wish to try learning the language before registering for a longer course.

The next set of intensive courses will be July 2016 and available to book April 2016.

Structure of course:

The courses will take place over five evenings and will run between 6-9pm during July 2016.


The cost of the course is approximately £110 but this is subject to change.

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