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Laetitia Gunton


Primary position:
Postgraduate research student


The University of Southampton
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2006-2009, BA in Biological Sciences, University of Oxford

2010-2011, MSc in Oceanography, University of Southampton



Research Interests

Underwater canyons are major topographical features on continental margins. They create considerable habitat heterogeneity and may play a major role in the maintenance of seafloor biodiversity. Despite their importance, canyons have been largely ignored by deep-sea biologists, due to the difficulties involved in exploring their terrain.

My PhD will focus on the relationship between canyon-related heterogeneity and macrofaunal diversity and community structure. The aim is to better understand how these features mould biodiversity and macroecological patterns on continental margins.

Research project

Deep-sea macrofaunal ecology and biodiversity of the Whittard submarine canyon (NE Atlantic)


Professor Andrew Gooday
Dr Brian Bett
Dr Adrain Glover Natural History Museum

Primary research group:  Marine Biology and Ecology

Affiliate research group:  Natural History Museum, London


Miss Laetitia Gunton
Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton University of Southampton Waterfront Campus European Way Southampton SO14 3ZH United Kingdom

Email: Laetitia.Gunton@noc.soton.ac.uk