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Research group

Palaeoceanography and palaeoclimate

Picking Foraminifera.

Our research group work in all parts of the world to understand how Earth works and how it will respond to humans as the main agent of change.


Our specific research themes ask:

  • how does life originate, proliferate, and dissipate? we look at the ways in which environmental change shapes speciation, origination and extinction that together determine biodiversity dynamics through Earth’s history and into its future.   

  • what does a 3 to 5°C warmer world look like? we study past climate states to understand the way the Earth system works, place human-driven change in context and identify future pathways to avoid the most dangerous effects of global change.  

  • where will climate change be most acute? we aim to understand how warming globally will lead to different outcomes in different parts of the world.    

  • how fast does climate change? earth’s surface and interior processes change on time scales ranging from hundreds to millions of years. We build high-precision chronologies for sedimentary archives to diagnose the timing, duration, and rates of natural and anthropogenic change.

Projects and publications

Our people

For the past 20 years or so I have worked extensively with the International Ocean Discovery Program to recover and study new climate archives from deep-sea sediments.
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