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Research Group

Physical oceanography

A ship surrouded by ice next to a small vassel.

The research group explores patterns of change and variability in satellite and in-situ measurements of surface temperature, sea level and productivity.


We seek to understand, quantify and predict the physical character of the ocean, and the dynamic processes that control its circulation and mixing.

In our research, we use a range of advanced technologies including: 

  • shipboard instruments 
  • moorings
  • floats
  • remotely operated vehicles (ROVs)
  • autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs)

Our specific research focus includes: 

  • ocean currents and mixing 
  • global overturning circulation 
  • sea level rise 
  • climate models 
  • environmental hazards
  • sustainable development of marine environments

The group works closely with industry and government. For instance, we have advised the UK Environment Agency and World Bank on issues relating to sea level rise and coastal flooding.

Projects and publications

Research projects


Our people

My research interests include numerical ocean modelling, including coupled modelling and reduced complexity models
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