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Research Group

Marine biogeochemistry

Tutle under blue sea water.

Our multidisciplinary research team studies the biogeochemistry of marine systems, both in the open ocean and in shelf seas. We take on societal and global environmental issues.


Our research contributes to the understanding of the oceans’ role: 

  • in global carbon 
  • in nutrient and other chemical cycles 
  • in anthropogenic effects on the Ocean’s functions and ecosystem services 
  • as a sponge for the fossil fuel carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. 

Our major research themes include: 

  • chemical, biological and physical controls on primary production in the surface ocean 
  • vertical export of materials into the ocean's interior and processes in the 'twilight zone' 
  • biogeochemical cycles and their response to global environmental changes 
  • dynamics of marine planktonic and microbial communities 
  • development of photosynthetic microbes for algal biofuel and other biotechnologies

Projects and publications

Our people

My research interests are mainly within the functional roles of microorganisms in biogeochemical cycling, particularly the nitrogen and carbon cycles, in diverse marine and aquatic systems.
Associate Professor
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