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Geology and geophysics

 Volcano with red clouds on top.

We research in a wide range of societally impactful areas of geology and geophysics for a sustainable future. The latest facilities and technology development support our activities.


We’re one of the largest and most active research groups of our kind in Europe.

Our research themes are:

  • evolution of plate tectonics and mantle dynamics: this includes improving geohazard assessment and resilience, and understanding active plate boundary, and continental margin development and deep Earth processes
  • fluid flow through the Earth: our research includes greenhouse gas escape and removal, geothermal and hydrothermal processes, and crustal magmatism
  • equipment and technique development in geology and geophysics: we convert environmental data to knowledge, including quantitative and qualitative analysis of the seabed and sub-surface using novel geophysical techniques, and autonomous digital monitoring
  • engineering, environments and energy in coastal and continental shelf environments: this includes the physical environment of offshore energy infrastructure (for example, renewable energy, high voltage cables, coastal defences), and continental slope and deep-water sedimentation processes including mass-wasting, geohazards, environmental geology and ecosystems

Our work is underpinned by advanced facilities for:

  • ocean bottom seismology
  • high resolution sea floor and sub-seafloor imagery
  • controlled source electromagnetic sounding
  • the analysis of sediment-rock cores and seafloor samples
  • high level computing and machine learning
  • technique development in all areas

Research highlights

Optimising power transfer for renewable energy

Our researchers are running a series of projects to optimise the design of marine high voltage cables, used in offshore windfarms, to maximise power transfer and save money.

Projects and publications

Research projects

Our people

My primary current research interests are the active tectonics of subduction zones and continental rifts, and their associated geological hazards.
Professor of Tectonics
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