Ocean and Earth Science, National Oceanography Centre Southampton


Our research groups oversee the majority of research work in Ocean and Earth Science.

This is often undertaken in collaboration with colleagues from other disciplines or other institutions. Many activities are integrated with the Southampton-based part of the NERC-owned National Oceanography Centre (NOC), with whom we share purpose-built premises on our Waterfront Campus.  

This video demonstrates the high impact, ground-breaking interdisciplinary research happening here at Ocean and Earth Science.

Our main research groups are listed below. Each group page carries details of its team, its main activities and the projects and other activities that are most closely associated with it. 'Projects' themselves are broad-ranging in size and scope. For convenience, these extend to a number of managed resources and services. The range of specialised research and complementary activities stemming from these are listed under the broad-ranging Projects heading.

Some of these in turn actively offer facilities, resources and consultancy services to the wider academic and commercial communities.