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ProjectResearch Group
A 4-year prospective follow-up study of children with ADHD and their siblingsDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
AbortionCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Acupuncture for Back Pain: Evaluating Patient Outcomes and Their Determinants,
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Anticipated nostalgiaCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Assessing Cognitive behavioural Therapy in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (ACTIB),
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Assessing the impact of children with ADHD on the health and well-being of their familiesDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Barriers to effective self-management of asthma: A systematic review
Brain development study
BREATHE (Breathing Retraining for Asthma Trial of Home Exercise)Active Living and Rehabilitation,
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Can white noise facilitate children's attention and performance? - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Comorbidity in disruptive behaviour disordersDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Configural processingCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Context and learningCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Contraceptive utilisation, condom use and STI prevention Centre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Cost-effectiveness of self-management of dizziness in primary care
Creating a taxonomy to harness the placebo effect in UK primary care,
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Decisions regarding ADHD management (DRAMA) - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Default Mode Network Inference in ADHD Developmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Delay training for ADHDDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Detecting threats in real-world environmentsCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Developing computational models of accuracy regulationCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Development and evaluation of an interactive, internet-based smoking cessation intervention
Diabetes Literacy
Early parenthood and teenage pregnancyCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of an Online Dizziness Intervention for Older adults
Elemental and configural processesCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Emotion discrimination in anxiety and prosopagnosiaCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Emotional face processing without awarenessCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Exploring the neural markers and neuro-cognive function of children with ADHD: an investigation of the very low frequency brain oscillations during an attention task and different non-task states with EEGDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Eye movements during readingCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Eye movements in special populationsCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Home based parent training for preschool ADHDDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
IDIA electrophysiology laboratoryDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Improving communication with the public about antivirals and vaccination during the next pandemic (INfluENCE)
International Multi-centre ADHD Gene project (IMAGE)Developmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
INTER-STAARSDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Investigation into genetic contributions and gene-environment interactions, and ADHD symptoms Developmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Investigation into spatial learningCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Low frequency EEG oscillations in ADHD - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in primary care
MARATONE (Mental Health Training through Research Network in Europe),
Mechanisms in Orthodox and Complementary Alternative Medicine Management of Back Pain (MOCAM study)
MHRN Early Intervention Group - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Model disability survey
Mothers experiencing concentration, organisation and regulation problems - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Moving people toward felt-securityCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Narcissism and consumer behaviourCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Narcissism and EmpathyCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Narcissism in developmental contextCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Neural markers of substance use disorder liabilityDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Neural substrates of variability in ADHDDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Neurocognitive Endophenotypes of Conduct DisorderDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Neuropsychology of neurofibromatosis - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Nostalgia Provides Existential ComfortCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Opportunities and choicesCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
PARADISE (Psychosocial Difficulties Relevant to Brain Disorders in Europe)
Placebo effects and informed consent
Positive Online Weight Reduction Plus (POWeR+),
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Positive Online Weight Reduction (POWeR)
PRimary care Infection Management for Everday practice (PRIME)
Programme for Early Detection and Intervention for ADHD (PEDIA)Developmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
PROstate ACTIVE Surveillance support,
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Psychological and physiological stress reactivity in young adults who experienced severe early institutional deprivation - DormantDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Psychosocial stress and multiple sclerosis (MS) symptoms
Radically Open Dialectical Behaviour TherapyEmotion and Personality Bio-behavioural Laboratory
REFRAMEDEmotion and Personality Bio-behavioural Laboratory
Resolving visual ambiguityCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
S:elf - DormantCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Safe passages to adulthoodCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Self AuthenticityCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Sexual health promotion and policy Centre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Sexual health service provisioningCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Sexual wellbeing, functioning, arousal and pleasureCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Sexuality education and sexual health literacyCentre for Sexual Health Research (CSHR)
Shape and depth perceptionCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
South Hampshire ADHD register projectDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Testing between models of ADHD; delay aversion & state regulation deficitsDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
The eDarling ProjectCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
The impact of global early institutional deprivation during emerging adulthood: pathways to successful transition in the ERA sDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
The role of acceptance in adjustment to Meniere's disease
Treatment Beliefs in Back Pain,
Primary Care & Population Sciences Academic Units
Understanding the relationship between anxiety and behavioural difficultiesDevelopmental Brain-Behaviour Laboratory (DBBL)
Using nostalgia to reduce ageismCentre for Research on Self and Identity (CRSI)
Visual adaptation and re-calibrationCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Visual search and the prevalence effectCentre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)
Visual search for multiple targets Centre for Vision and Cognition (CVC)

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