Social Sciences

Who we are

Research is key to all we do in Social Sciences

Research is key to all we do in Social Sciences

Our academics are involved in cutting-edge research on the major issues of our time, often collaborating with colleagues in other leading international universities.

We also work with local and national governments and organisations, both in the UK and internationally. Our teaching is informed by our research findings, which means that Southampton students benefit from the latest knowledge and current thinking in each academic area.

Social Sciences has an international reputation for innovative quantitative methodologies in social statistics. Our academics conduct cutting-edge research which combines both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

We have five divisions and much of our work is interdisciplinary. Addressing the major issues of society through combining approaches, we foster joint working while retaining the individual strengths of our specialist subject areas. While many of the issues we examine are global, our roots are anchored in the communities we study.

Working together

Our social scientists work together on many interdisciplinary projects. However, each division is a centre of excellence in its own right for research, teaching and learning.

Making a difference

Check out our Research Impact brochure for inspirational stories about our work around the world.