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Statistical Sciences Research Institute (S3RI)

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We're one of the largest groups of university statisticians in the UK researching statistics and demography methodologies. Whether it's improving the accuracy of census data or helping predict levels of air pollution, our work guides policymakers around the world.

Our team of researchers and PhD students bring expertise from social, health and physical sciences, engineering and mathematics. We collaborate with organisations including the Office for National Statistics and GlaxoSmithKline.

Statistical sciences play a crucial role in addressing many global challenges. S3RI has an established reputation for excellent research over a wide range of statistical areas, crossing disciplinary boundaries, collaborating closely with public and private sector organisations, and creating real-world impact.
S3RI Director
S3RI has developed to be one of the most important statistical think tanks in the UK and world-wide. With rise of statistical data science guidance on appropriate statistical methodology, for example on how to collect data and design studies appropriately including a state-of-the-art analysis, will remain and increase in their importance.
Professor of Medical Statistics
It is important to have evidence on the best statistical methods so that high quality official statistics can be produced efficiently.
Head of Department

Improving maternal and neonatal health in India

Global health experts at Southampton are working with government to improve survival rates for expectant mothers and newborns. Their findings are influencing policy.