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Centre for Population Change

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We explore the causes of population change and the effects on people, communities and governments. Lawmakers and planners use our research to make policy decisions that improve society and the world we live in.

The Centre for Population Change is a collaboration between the Universities of Southampton, St. Andrews, and Stirling. It is an umbrella organisation bringing together multiple projects investigating population change. Currently a major strand of our work is dedicated to understanding intergenerational connections through our ‘Connecting Generations’ research, in collaboration with Oxford University and the Resolution Foundation.

Our projects are financed by a variety of funders, primarily the Economic and Social Research Council. We work in partnership with the Office for National Statistics and the National Records of Scotland.

My research is multi-disciplinary, located at the interface between population studies and social policy. I am concerned with examining the impact of characteristics such as age, gender, ethnicity, region and socio-economic background on inequality. This knowledge is applied to improve social policy response, and better the lives of individuals.
VP Engagement and International

Developing a new way to inform international student migration policy

Government statisticians needed help to find out if migration statistics were accurate. They turned to University researchers to carry out research on how many international students settle in the UK

Improving the lives of older people in Kenya

Our research into ageing and the wellbeing of older people in Kenya has influenced benefit systems within Kenya and across sub-Saharan Africa more widely.
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