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Research community

The Rehabilitation and Health Technologies Research Group is based in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of Southampton and consists of three clusters each investigating their own areas of research.

Professor Ann Ashburn and Dr Sara Demain lead the Neurorehabilitation cluster, Professor Anne Bruton leads the Respiratory Rehabilitation cluster and Professor Maria Stokes leads the Musculoskeletal cluster.


Rehabilitation and Health Technologies Research Group staff

 Dr Jo Adams
Senior Lecturer
 Professor Ann Ashburn
Professor of Rehabilitation
 Professor Anne Bruton
Professor of Respiratory Rehabilitation
 Dr Cathy Bowen
Senior Lecturer
 Dr Simon Brown
Research fellow
 Malcolm Burnett
Experimental Officer
 Professor Jane Burridge
Professor of Restorative Neuroscience
 Dr Leslie Collier
Senior Lecturer
 Professor Joy Conway
Professor of Respiratory Sciences
and Lung Imaging
 Dr Sara Demain
Senior Lecturer
 Dr Maggie Donovan-Hall        
 Carolyn Fitton
Research Fellow
 Dr Alex Forrester
Senior Lecturer and Cross-Faculty
Mobilisation Fellow
 Dr Lindsey Hooper
Research Fellow
 Dr Ann-Marie Hughes
Senior Research fellow
 Sophia Hulbert
Research fellow
 Dr Dorit Kunkel
 Dr Wendy Lowe
Research fellow
 Dr Katie Meadmore
Research Fellow
 Claire Meagher
Research Fellow
 Dr Cheryl Metcalf
 Dr Lisa Roberts
Senior Clinical Lecturer & Consultant
 Dr Dinesh Samuel
 Professor Maria Stokes
Professor of Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
 Lisa Tedesco-Triccas
Research fellow
 Dr Ruth Turk
 Dr Martin Warner
Senior Research Fellow and
Experimental Officer
 Professor Jill Whitall
Professor of Neuromotor Rehabilitation
 Dr Peter Worsley
Senior Research fellow


RHT group PhD and DClinP Students

Sandra Agyapong-Badu
Ahmad Almary
Afrah Almuwais
Emma Boger
Lotty Brooks
Beth Clark
Charlotte Dando
Lucy Gates
Simon Grist
Emma Hallewell
Sophia Hulbert
Louise Johnson
Seng Kwee Wee
Neil Langridge
Peter McQueen
Claire Meagher
Hanif Modh Rasdi
Sebastien Pollet
Annabel Rule
Abdul Sani Kamis
Waroonapa Srisoparb
Lisa Tedesco-Triccas
Ingrid Wilkinson
Nicky Wilson

PhD Reflections
A blog by Seng Kwee Wee

Professor Jane Burridge

It is my ambition to transform rehabilitation through the design, evaluation and clinical use of novel evidence-based technologies. To achieve this our work is underpinned by scientific discoveries about disease processes, recovery and ageing.

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